Dosing software that offers complete control over production process

With the highly intelligent dosing software of Movacolor you will be able to fully control your injection molding or extrusion process. Our software product line consist of MCSmart dosing software and MCLine Control. All gravimetric and optometric dosing systems can be equipped with Movacolor dosing software. All Movacolor software applications are developed in-house by our own professional software engineers.

Dosing software for monitoring, quality control and material management 24/7

Next to the development of highly accurate dosing systems, Movacolor also developed the innovative MCSmart dosing software. MCSmart dosing software combined with one or more Movacolor touch screen controllers transforms your gravimetric feeder or optometric feeder into a highly intelligent self-regulating dosing system.

Once connected to your gravimetric or optometric feeder, the MCSmart dosing software constantly monitors your injection molding or extrusion process and you will get full control over the quality of your end product and the management of your raw materials. MCSmart dosing software of Movacolor is based on a SQL database for 24/7 of data collection. Data can be retrieved at any time, even after months.

Software installation and special features MCSmart

MCSmart dosing software can be installed as a standalone application on a computer or as a server application. The connection of the MCSmart dosing software is established via a standard LAN network. The MCSmart dosing software database can be accessed by multiple authorized desktop users.

There are several features available in MCSmart dosing software. All features can be accessed based on the login level settings of the user. This prevents unauthorized use of the MCSmart dosing software database. The MCSmart software database has an unlimited function for generating reports on material consumption and alarm overview reports.

All recipes for injection molding and extrusion applications can be created and managed in MCSmart dosing software. The recipes are synchronized with separate units and can be activated locally or remotely. This prevents any operating errors. With the remote control function of the MCSmart dosing software you can duplicate the touch screen on your computer and perform all operations as if you were standing in front of the device.

Software set-up to get full control over your extrusion lines

In the plastics industry increasing material prices and the demand for high quality end products are high on the agenda. This makes it more than ever important to get full control over your extrusion process. The MCLine Control of Movacolor is the solution. It gives you complete control over your extrusion process.

The MCLine Control of Movacolor works with the gravimetric feeder MCWeight in combination with MCSmart dosing software. The MCWeight measures the throughput in the capacity range and the easy to use Movacolor touch screen controller can be connected directly to the extrusion line.

Need advice about what our dosing software can do for you to improve the performance of your injection molding machine or extruder? Please contact our dosing specialists.