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Go Beyond Blending with our new blender range

Compact and sturdy design, no mechanical and/or moving parts in the hoppers, modular construction and accurate dosing; these are the spearheads of our new MBS blender range. Movacolor is now a proud manufacturer of gravimetric batch blenders.

Optimal performance

Our blenders are of the same high quality as our dosing units and can handle all commonly used materials. In addition to the 17 standard configurations, they can also be customized based on the customer’s specific requirements.

The standard configurations are divided into three series: the 3 series, 20 series and the 20 Extrusion series specially developed for extrusion. All Movacolor blenders can dose accurately up to 0.02% and the maximum throughput is set at 1600 kg/h.

Because they are part of our modular concept, they can also easily be upgraded to a Hybrid set-up, in which blending and dosing are merged in a single system. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to dose critical components separately for optimal performance.

First exhibition in Chicago

Our new blender range will be exhibited for the first time at PTXPO in Chicago on March 28 and will be available to the general public as of April 12.

How we became a manufacturer of gravimetric blenders

We’re proud to say that after decades of gravimetric feeding for our dosing units with unique loss-in-weight features, we were ready to launch a new series of blenders. We’re proud to be a gravimetric blender manufacturer that can compete in the market. With over 17 possible configurations, we are excited to shake up the blending industry by incorporating a modular philosophy to blending so every plastic manufacturer can have the perfect unit in their factory.

Curious about our high-end blenders?

We’ve created a comprehensive brochure that explains how you may achieve the best of both worlds by integrating dosing and blending into a single integrated solution.

Our MHBS Hybrid Blender combines our MDS Balance and our MBS Blender to assist in dosing your most crucial additives inline, saving you up to 20% on material expenditures when compared to traditional blending methods. Aside from its cost-saving potential, the MHBS Blender greatly improves the even distribution of the pre-mixed material batch, resulting in a long-term impact on the blending accuracy of your production units.

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