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To be able to move forward as a company and as an industry, it is essential to work together. That’s why, for more than 30 years, we have purposefully collaborated with like-minded partners to share information and build a strong community that supports innovation and sustainability.

Polymer Science Park

Polymer Science Park Zwolle specializes in research of polymer-based materials and technologies. With their ability to provide research and expertise on common issues to our company, we can keep developing new products. We are proud to say that we actively collaborate with Polymer Science Park, and that together, we can make a lasting contribution to our mission to making the industry more sustainable.

PLASTICS Industry Association

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) is a trade association based in the United States that represents companies and organizations involved in the manufacturing and distribution of plastics. The association was founded in 1937 and serves as a voice for the plastics industry, advocating for its interests and promoting its economic growth and sustainability.

PLASTICS provides a range of services and resources to its members, including industry data and analysis, regulatory and legislative advocacy, networking opportunities, and educational and training programs. The association also organizes industry events and conferences, such as the NPE: The Plastics Show, the largest plastics trade show in the Americas in which we will participate in 2024.

After becoming a member of PLASTICS in 2022, we now share our expertise and insights with a variety of industry professionals.

Kunststoff Institut Lüdenscheid

Plastics Institute Lüdenscheid (Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid), is a research and development center located in Lüdenscheid, Germany, that specializes in the development and testing of plastic materials and processing technologies, with the aim of discovering new ways to improve the sustainability of production processes. With a wide range of services, they help us find new innovations in several industries, such as automotive, medical, and packaging. 

Samen Circulair

Samen Circulair is a collaborative entrepreneurial initiative from the Heerenveen region that aims to accelerate the circular economy. As one of the founding partners, we share the responsibility to work towards a better future for the next generation by committing to a circular economy. Together we strive for responsible growth, new economic frontiers and limited emissions and pollution.


Empatec is a local social workshop that provides employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. The enterprise provides its employees with a supportive and inclusive work environment, as well as opportunities for training and skills development. This enables employees to build their confidence, develop their skills, and gain valuable work experience, which can help them transition to other employment opportunities in the future. 

The company offers us a range of services, including production and assembly work, logistics and packaging services, garden maintenance, and cleaning services.  


Dokwork Social Workshop (Dokwurk Sociale Werkplaats) is a social enterprise located in Dokkum, Friesland,  that provides employment opportunities and skills training for people who face barriers to employment. The enterprise was founded in 1995 with the aim of supplying these people with meaningful work. 

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the talented workforce at Dokwurk. Their skills and expertise have proven invaluable in helping us get important work done pre-assembling our products. We are grateful to have found an organization that shares our values and vision for social inclusion and community engagement. By collaborating with Dokwurk, we are able to outsource some of our work.

NHL Stenden

NHL Stenden University is a college in the Northern part of Friesland where they regularly conduct research on sustainability topics related to the plastics industry.  

We offer internships to the new generation to give them the opportunity to develop their skills and gain practical knowledge in a real-world environment.. Additionally, we try to offer them the possibility of joining our team after the completion of their internship.