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Optometric dosing for high precision micro-injection molding and extrusion

Movacolor optometric dosing technology is unique in the world of dosing. The optometric dosing unit is equipped with an optical sensor, which counts the pieces of masterbatch literally, pellet by pellet. With this breakthrough we are able to dose even more accurate with lower capacities.

Optometric dosing systems for small high-precision end products

The optometric dosing technology was specially developed by Movacolor to handle the manufacturing of ultra-small high-precision end products on micro-injection molding machines and micro-extruders. Shot weights of less than 1 gram are no exception. Because of the narrow tolerances on the high precision end products and the limited mixing capabilities of these small injection molding machines and extruders, most of the time pre-compounded material is used for these high precision applications.

These specially manufactured pre-compounds are tremendously expensive, because of the small production batch. As a result the engineers of Movacolor developed the optometric dosing technology. This highly precise patented dosing system makes it possible to make high cost reductions by using standard virgin material and a masterbatch or additive dosing on the micro-injection molding machines and micro-extruders.

Optometric dosing technology, how does it work?

The optometric dosing technology is unique in the world of dosing. But how does it work? An air cartridge creates a vacuum behind a disc with small holes. The disc spins and picks up the pellets of masterbatch. An optometric sensor detects the masterbatch pellets when the sensor signal is being blocked. With this technique our software is able to count the pieces of masterbatch pellet by pellet.

If the small air cartridge misses one pellet of masterbatch or more, the sensor of the optometric dosing system will notice and the dosing disc will correct the missing pellets by spinning a bit faster. In this way the optometric dosing system doses every pellet of masterbatch with a 100% accuracy. The minimum capacity of an optometric dosing system is one pellet per shot (normal or micro) with an optimal feedback control: good for any micro-injection molding machine or micro-extruder.

Optometric dosing technology compared to gravimetric dosing technology

Compared to the optometric dosing technology, gravimetric dosing has its limits. Ultra-low shot weights ask for extreme low dosages with a 100% repeatability and a high accuracy from shot to shot. When you dose extreme low shot weights with a gravimetric feeder this will result in a slow control response and late reaction if pellets are not dosed due to the very low additive percentage. To solve this problem you will need to dose with an optometric dosing system of Movacolor. With this unique patented optometric dosing system you will be able to dose ultra-precise, pellet by pellet.

Movacolor’s worldwide distributor network

Movacolor has a worldwide network of more than 70 distributors. Our distributors are experts in all facets of dosing and blending technology and offer local service, training and advice on Movacolor products.

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