What is your plastic production process?

We have over 30 years of experience in developing tailor-made dosing solutions for the plastics manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to support plastic producers in achieving their sustainability goals. We do this by means of our unique modular dosing and blending concept. This concept ensures that plastic manufacturers can easily process recycled material, reduce waste and save costs.

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Get the most out of your production process with our modular dosing and blending solutions.

Are you looking for cost savings on raw materials, a more stable production process, trying to increase efficiency or improve quality?

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Having a hard time dosing or blending your material?

We have developed solutions that can handle the toughest materials, in the most difficult production environments, at low and high outputs.

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The perfect balance between accuracy, costs and sustainability.

Which aspect do you consider most important and how do you prefer to dose? We can supply any technique you desire and are happy to talk with you to determine what suits you and your production process best.

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Regardless of your application, we’ve got you covered.

We are proud to serve plastic producers worldwide in a diverse range of industries – from medical and automotive to household and beverage – that demand high quality and precision.

A tailored dosing system, based on your plastic production process

At Movacolor we understand that no production process is the same. That is why we have built up our dosing and blending systems modularly, so that we can always provide you with a suitable solution based on your current and possible future situation.

Movacolor’s global network of distributors and agents

Movacolor has a worldwide network of more than 70 distributors and agents. Our distributors and agents are experts in all facets of dosing and mixing technology and provide local service, training and advice on Movacolor products.

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