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Movacolor makes liquid dosing possible with the liquid dosing system MDS Balance liquid. The MDS Balance liquid stands for the accurate dosing of liquid colorants in injection molding or extrusion applications. This gravimetric dosing system proves that an efficient way of coloring with liquid colorants has a positive effect on a stable and high quality production process. The result: high savings on liquid colorants and a superior end product.

Liquid dosing system with automatic calibration

One of the reasons plastic producers choose the liquid dosing system MDS Balance liquid is the automatic calibration function. The continuous loss-in-weight measurement automatically compensates for variations in viscosity or process changes.

The liquid dosing system gives ultimate quality control. It is easy to connect with our smart software for continuous data logging, monitoring, and material management.

Designed and implemented for liquid dosing

The design of this liquid dosing system is robust and eliminates the risk of contamination of the fluid and pump. An automatic check valve function prevents backflow of liquid collorant. There are no unnecessary valves, seals or glands involved in the MDS Balance liquid and it is engineered to handle aggressive fluids.

A 100% closed packaging system and constant control is essential for the success of the liquid dosing system. The user-friendly touch screen controller and interface don’t require difficult operation skills. With the modular concept of our units we strive for a tight integration in Injection Moulding Machines and extruders.

Next to that we offer a full set of easy to clean nozzles, neckpieces and stainless steel mixers. All of this makes it possible to quickly change colors without risk of blockage. An optional transport trolley makes sure the liquid colorant is transported safely through the factory.

Movacolor’s global network of distributors and agents

Movacolor has a worldwide network of more than 70 distributors and agents. Our distributors and agents are experts in all facets of dosing and mixing technology and provide local service, training and advice on Movacolor products.

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