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Our dosing solutions are globally utilized across various industries and applications. In factories, you’ll identify our dosing solutions by their robust design and the distinctive red Movacolor color. Additionally, you may encounter them in different colors. These are dosing units sold through our partner network in custom configurations, facilitated via private label construction.

We take pride in being the preferred choice of leading companies in the plastic production sector that choose to offer our dosing solutions to their customers. This private label approach not only streamlines their supply chain but also ensures branding consistency by delivering units in their own colors. By taking responsibility for the logistical process, we alleviate concerns and allow these companies to focus on their core competencies. This comprehensive solution contributes to customer satisfaction, as they can confidently deliver complete, well-managed solutions to their clients. Our commitment to providing turnkey solutions establishes long-term partnerships, opening doors for collaboration and mutual success in the ever-evolving landscape of our industry.

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Founded in Thailand in 1983, Labtech is a well-respected manufacturer of polymer processing machinery for lab and pilot plants.  

With a committed team of Thai engineers and technicians, Labtech operates under Swedish management and specializes in delivering product lines to plastic processors requiring the latest technology.  

Being a Movacolor partner, Labtech is committed to improving its product range by implementing modular dosing technology in the polymer processing sector.

conair logo

ConAir Group specializes in providing state-of-the-art solutions for plastic handling. Their techniques for drying and transporting materials find applications in various industries, such as injection molding and blow molding. 

ConAir offers over 450 products in its portfolio, with offerings of resin drying systems, blenders, feeders, material conveying systems, temperature control units, and granulators.  

As a partner for Movacolor, Conair works directly with us to add modular dosing technology to their product line.  

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Established in 1986, Matsui (Asia) Co., Ltd. has risen to become a prominent manufacturer, designer, and supplier of auxiliary equipment for injection molding machines.  

As a partner for Movacolor, Matsui easily integrates our tailored dosing solutions with their equipment. 

By using Movacolor’s expertise and products, Matsui improves their equipment’s capabilities, ensuring that their clients’ manufacturing processes have precise dosing and streamlined production processes. 

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Wittmann offers plastics manufacturers a distinct edge by seamlessly combining processing machines, automation, and auxiliary equipment.  

With a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, Wittmann empowers manufacturers to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision in the plastic processing industry. 

With our partnership, a combined focus on innovation, sustainability, and individual service ensures that manufacturers’ production is streamlined and accurate.