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Volumetric Dosing Done Right: Explore our new dosing unit

We are extremely excited to launch our brand-new dosing unit: The MDS Volumetric Feeder. This innovative dosing unit sets the new standard in volumetric dosing, specifically targeting manufacturers in search of a cost-effective solution. Keep on reading to learn everything about what this unit has to offer.
MDS Volumetric Feeder in Testroom

Introduced in 1997, our first generation volumetric units have demonstrated their worth across diverse applications. Throughout the subsequent decades, our engineers have consistently refined and advanced their development to align with the evolving demands of the industry. Now, we are delighted to launch the MDS Volumetric Feeder, setting the new standard for plastic volumetric dosing solutions.

This new volumetric dosing solution – backed by the tagline ‘Volumetric Dosing Done Right’ – is specifically developed for manufacturers in search of a cost-effective solution to significantly enhance material handling- and operator efficiency in their production processes.  

The MDS Volumetric Feeder is equipped with a robust stepper motor, a stainless-steel hopper and a sturdy neckpiece. Achieving optimal blend homogeneity is ensured through inline dosing, facilitated by a centralized insert within the neckpiece. 

Dosing tools from our MDS Balance

Customers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable dosing tool for their specific process, as all dosing tools from the MDS Balance are compatible with this unit. This selection encompasses an RPM range from 0.1 to 200 in 0.1 RPM increments, allowing for precise control, and the capacity to dose up to 72 kg/h. 

Minimal downtime through intuitive design

Thanks to its intuitive design, this dosing solution enables a quick 60-second cleaning and material change. This is facilitated through a discharge valve and effortless release of the motor, hopper, and dosing tools, ensuring minimal downtime. 

A wide variety of materials 

The MDS Volumetric Feeder allows for trouble-free dosing, with the capability to handle a wide variety of materials, from granular to microgranulate and free-flowing powder up to 70 degrees Celsius. It proves its value in improving efficiency, reducing waste, and saving costs in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and compounding processes. 


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VoluTouch Controller

VoluTouch controller

The MDS Volumetric Feeder comes with our new 4.3” VoluTouch controller. This capacitive touchscreen controller can effectively control two units simultaneously and boasts user-friendly features. It provides ease of operation through uncomplicated recipe management and connectivity via a wireless web interface. 

The VoluTouch controller can seamlessly connect with an extruder’s tacho signal, initiate the injection molding machine in timer mode, and features a relay mode for both machine types. This ensures smooth integration with any production line.


The availability of our new MDS Volumetric Feeder will vary by region. The product has been launched in the Asia-Pacific region on January 25th and will be introduced to the North- and Latin American market on May 6th (NPE exhibition). The EMEA launch will follow shortly after the NPE. Delivery time for order will be approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

The MDS Volumetric Feeder is part of our modular dosing concept and can be combined with other units and/or specifically tailored to suit the requirements of your production process. Get in touch with our dosing specialists today to learn more about the possibilities! 

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