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Warranty Registration

When you choose Movacolor, you choose quality and reliability. We ensure a limited warranty period of 2 to 5 years for all our products. A standard 2-year warranty is applicable, but with product registration, this period is extended to 5 years.

Warranty registration form

Warranty registration form



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Included in our warranty

  • Component and manufacturing defects 

We guarantee the quality of our products and ensure they are free from material and manufacturing defects. 

  • Replacement parts and transportation 

We provide free replacement of defective parts and organize transportation between you and us, ensuring that your system is quickly operational again. If requested by Movacolor, you are required to return the defective part(s) to Movacolor. 

Excluded from our warranty

  • Wear and tear: 

Use of products results in inevitable depreciation and damage, also when used properly, competently and within the guidelines provided in our Manuals. This wear and tear is not covered under our warranty. 

Wear and tear is expected on our pneumatic cylinders and valves, blender valves and valve guides, axle seals, dosing tool bearings and couplings and surfaces of all parts coming into contact with the materials processed in our equipment. These parts are not covered under our warranty. 

  • Misuse: 

The use of excessively abrasive, corrosive or dense materials (e.g. quartz powder, chlorides, carbon fibers) may result in higher than regular wear and tear, also on parts and components that are otherwise not considered wear and tear parts, such as dosing tools and mixer blades. This is not covered by our warranty.

For some heavy use applications Movacolor has dedicated parts and kits available to support your business. These dedicated parts are chosen in line with the application, these are covered under our warranty. Please contact support@movacolor.com 

  • Labor hours, labor costs, and travel expenses: 

Any costs for labor hours, labor costs, and travel expenses for on-site installation and/or part replacement are not covered by our warranty. 

  • Damage from use and misuse: 

Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from installation, operation, alterations, repairs performed by unqualified and/or untrained persons. 

Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use and/or misuse. 

  • Indirect and special damages: 

Our warranty does not cover indirect or special damages resulting from (temporary) malfunction or breakdown of Movacolor’s equipment. 

We strive to provide you with the highest quality and service. If you have any questions about our warranty terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.