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MBS 1-serie Blender

MBS Blender 1-series

A compact and precise gravimetric batch blender capable of handling a wide variety of materials with ease.

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The MBS Blender 1-series, part of the MBS blender range, provides a robust and durable solution for efficiently weighing and blending materials. Its compact design without mechanical parts or cables in the removable hopper allows them to be easily accessible for cleaning, material changes, and other routine maintenance tasks. Additionally, the blender 1-series is perfectly suitable for handling a wide range of materials up to 70 degrees with a throughput of up to 135kg/h.   

Thanks to its unique valve design and gain-in-weight technology, it effectively dispenses several additives into a weighing chamber and accurately measures the additives added to your production process. After your material is weighed, it’s dropped into the mixing chamber, and fed to your production machine.  

The MBS Blender offers all manufacturers extensive control over their production process and consistently proves its value in all applications by helping manufacturers significantly improve efficiency, reduce waste, and save costs, resulting in savings on materials and improved quality. 

The MBS 1-series can be upgraded to a MHBS Hybrid blending system for optimal control over critical and expensive additives. This system combines blending and dosing in one integrated system. 

Standard Equipment    

  • Weighing bin with 1.4kg batch size  
  • 3-liter mixing chamber  
  • Easy hopper removal system  
  • Easy weighing bin, mixing chamber and mixerblade removal system  
  • Mixing chamber level-sensor air-purge  
  • Compressed air-gun system  
  • 8“ full color portable touchscreen controller  
  • Unique mixerblade  
  • Hopper loader lifting device 


  • Compact and precise stainless-steel batch blender ​ 
  • Consisting of a 3-liter mixing chamber with 1,4 kg batch size​ 
  • Configurable with 4 stainless-steel material hoppers​ 
  • Range of valves for handling a wide variety of materials​ 
  • High accuracy through unique vertical valve design​ and protected loadcells 
  • Best-in-class mixing performance and blend homogeneity through unique mixerblade​ 
  • Removable hoppers, mixerblade, mixing and weighing bin for quick cleaning and material change​ 
  • Integrated cabling and no mechanical and/or moving parts inside the hoppers allowing smart maintenance​ 
  • Unique hopper-loader lifting device for easy removal of material hoppers 
  • Vibration management through unique algorithm​ 
  • Intuitive 8” full color portable touchscreen controller packed with features and functionalities​ 
  • Able to handle material up to 70°C 
  • Max full gravimetric mode throughput: 135kg/h*  



MBS 1-serie Blender
Quick material changes

Fast material changes through removable material hoppers.

Robust design

Stainless-steel material hoppers with sight-glasses for checking material level.

Easy cleaning

Removable mixing bin, weighing bin, and mixerblade for easy cleaning.

Vibration management

Protected loadcells and unique software allow precise dispensing and mixing quality even in high-vibration environments.

modular dosing solutions Motors
Smart maintenance

Integrated cabling and hoppers free from mechanical or moving parts.

Intuitive control

8” full color portable touchscreen controller equipped with intuitive functionalities.

MCContinuous blender Automatic bulk density calibration
Accurate blending

Best-in-class accuracy and blend homogeneity through unique mixerblade.

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