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Modular dosing solutions for the plastic industry

Movacolor is world-leading in the development and marketing of high-precision gravimetric dosing systems. Throughout the years, we have developed a wide range of high-precision gravimetric dosing systems for plastic producers all over the world for any kind of application

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For almost three decades, Movacolor solutions have been dedicated to coloring the world in a sustainable way. We do so by developing high-precision volumetric, gravimetric and optometric modular dosing products that can easily handle all kinds of main materials.


Get the most out of your production process with our modular dosing and blending solutions.

Are you looking for cost savings on raw materials, a more stable production process, trying to increase efficiency or improve quality?


Having a hard time dosing or blending your material?

We have developed solutions that can handle the toughest materials, in the most difficult production environments, at low and high outputs.


The perfect balance between accuracy, costs and sustainability.

Which aspect do you consider most important and how do you prefer to dose? We can supply any technique you desire and are happy to talk with you to determine what suits you and your production process best.


Regardless of your application, we’ve got you covered.

We are proud to serve plastic producers worldwide in a diverse range of industries – from medical and automotive to household and beverage – that demand high quality and precision.

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