MDS 200 Nexus

MDS Nexus

An optometric dosing solution equipped with laser technology for plastic applications where 100% dosing accuracy is required.

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The MDS Nexus is explicitly developed for plastic manufacturers who require exact dosing of extremely low amounts of additives.  

With its specially designed dosing disc and laser technology, this optometric dosing solution counts pellets individually up to 5 pellets per second, resulting in 100% accuracy and complete control over your additive dosing. Remarkably compact at only around 200 mm in length, the MDS Nexus effortlessly integrates into micro injection molding machines and lab extruders. Additionally, its design includes 3D-printed parts, which minimizes the number of components and enhances its overall durability.  

The MDS Nexus uses a missed pellet recovery algorithm that ensures continuous and accurate production, even if 4 out of 5 pellets enter the dosing disc. This level of precision and control makes it well-suited and valuable for small plastic parts in ultra-precise applications due to its small shot weights.  

Due to its exceptional precision and reliability, the MDS Nexus can significantly improve efficiency and reduce material waste, resulting in substantial savings and enhanced product quality. 

Standard Equipment 

  • Three types of dosing discs for handling granules of different sizes  
  • Transparent 200ml hopper 
  • 8” full color touch screen controller 
  • Neckpiece 
  • Energy saving function 

The MDS Nexus is part of our modular dosing concept and can be tailored to suit your production requirements.  

Ready to dose plastic material with 100% accuracy? Contact our product specialists today and discover how the MDS Nexus can deliver the highest color accuracy in your production. 



MDS 200 Nexus
MDS 1200 Nexus
Movacolor Modular Dosing Concept
Modular system

This unit is part of the Movacolor modular dosing and blending concept and can easily be integrated and/or combined with all other Movacolor products.

Industry 4.0 compatible
Industry 4.0 compatible

Want to connect with other machine controllers or central monitoring systems? No problem. This unit is prepared to communicate via different protocols such as OPC-UA and Profinet.

Accurate up to 0.02%
High accuracy

Gain full control over your material input with our proven accurate dosing technology.


0.15 kg/h (up to 5 pellets per second)


Up to 0,01%, Pellet per pellet


Injection molding, Extrusion


Configurable with a 0,2 or 1,2L hopper, Hopper loader, Customizable production machine connection, Air on Deck option, Part of the Movacolor modular dosing concept


Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, OPC/UA, Integrated hopper loader control, Alarm, Warning, Run 2x0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA Potential free, 24VDC or extruder tacho (0-30VDC)


8” full colour touch screen controller, Internal memory for static changes, Logging software for dynamic changes, Store up to 1000 recipies, Multilingual


Supply: 95-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz. by integrated automatic voltage selector, 2-5 Bar compressed air, Consumption: 150 Watt maximum, 0,33 l/h maximum in continuous operation




Modular, 3D printed, Compact, With easy-drain system, Engineered and assembled in The Netherlands

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Stainless steel mounting bracket for solenoid and air pressure regulator.

ME25 hopper loader
1200ml stainless-steel hopper
Configurable with several neckpieces
Empty hopper level sensor
Multiple powerplug options
Magnetic, CMB, or VESA mount
Cable management kit

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