Dosing products for any kind of application

For almost three decades, Movacolor products have been dedicated to coloring the world in a sustainable way. We do so by developing high-precision volumetric, gravimetric and optometric modular dosing products that can easily handle all kinds of main materials. Our knowledge, experience and innovation capabilities are invested in a comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly products. 

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Products that master the materials

Movacolor dosing products can easily handle materials like masterbatches, regrinds, powders and liquids. Our dosing products are unique in the world because of their precise measuring and weighing system. These include even the most troublesome additives, in the most difficult production environments, in extremely low and high outputs.

Tailor-made dosing products

As dosing product specialists, we have clear insight into plastic producing companies’ needs and issues in terms of injection molding and extrusion. These are always the departure point for our innovation efforts. Movacolor’s dosing products are tailor-made for each customer, using the modular components that perfectly match their business needs.

Products with innovative technologies

The combination of our unique dosing cylinder and patented gravimetric measuring product technology give you unprecedented control over the dosing process. Our modular products make it easy to expand from simple to complex in-line dosing systems and from batch blending to a combination of in-line dosing and batch blending (MCHybrid 30 and MCHybrid 200). This all managed by a single, easy-to-use control panel. A control system that can also easily be integrated into your company’s IT system. 

Gravimetric and volumetric feeders

Movacolor offers a wide range of innovative high precision gravimetric feeders and volumetric feeders. All gravimetric and volumetric feeders of Movacolor are equipped with a unique dosing cylinder. The dosing cylinder doses the additive in a steady flow straight into the main material stream without any pulsations. All gravimetric feeders are developed with the innovative gravimetric dosing technology of Movacolor, which provides maximum control for any injection molding and extrusion application.

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