Masterbatch dosing

Plastic product producers from all over the world are involved in the development of Movacolor dosing systems for the accurate dosing of masterbatch.  Their experiences with colorants and their desire for stable production processes, high efficiency and savings form the starting point for Movacolor's innovations in dosing technology.

Masterbatch dosing with the most accurate dosing system


High accuracy in gravimetric dosing

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MCBalance: accurately gravimetric dosing


Optometric high precision dosing

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MCNexus: optometric high precision dosing


For small injection molding machines

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MCMicro: the smallest dosing system for small injection molding machines

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The complete Movacolor product range

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The complete Movacolor product range.

Dose masterbatches with precise control

The gravimetric inline dosing system MCBalance guarantees optimal measurement in the dying process when using masterbatch in extrusion and injection molding. The MCBalance can be upgraded to a multi-component dosing system for dosing up to six additives simultaneously.

Simultaneous dosing of masterbatch and regrind

Movacolor’s gravimetric technology guarantees less waste. Waste can be shredded  and dosed  together with the masterbatch and regrind. The MCTwin detects the amount of regrind and adjusts the dosage of masterbatch automatically.

High output of masterbatch with high accuracy

The MCHigh Output has a capacity between 50 kg/h and 1,000 kg/h. Of course, we also guarantee a high level of precision when dosing masterbatch for high output processes.

Gravimetric or volumetric dosing of masterbatch

The choice between gravimetric or volumetric control depends on the needs of the plastic producing company. Movacolor offers a wide range of gravimetric dosing systems for dosing granulates from the smallest 0.07 kg/h up to 1,000 kg/h for masterbatch. Plastic producers looking for volumetric dosing systems can also find an extensive product range at Movacolor.

Dosing small amounts of masterbatch for maximum results

The smallest granulate capacity that can be dosed with Movacolor's inline feeders is no less than 0.1 kg/h. The dosing system that can dose such a small amount is the MC12-Micro and is also available in an MC18-Micro version.