Loss-in-weight feeders are the most accurate dosing systems in the world of injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. Loss-in-weight feeders are also known as gravimetric feeders. Inline dosing is important for low dosage rates and easy color change. It can be done volumetric and gravimetric. But the advantages of a gravimetric loss-in-weight feeder will optimize the process by far.


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The complete Movacolor product range

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The complete Movacolor product range.

Benefits of a loss-in-weight feeder:

  • Full control to dose exact on the spot
  • Reaching percentages of 0.05% or less
  • No overdosing
  • Optimal traceability
  • Dose expensive additives inline

Loss-in-weight feeder system versus volumetric feeder

A loss-in-weight feeder system is compared to a volumetric feeder the best option when it comes to high precision dosing. It gives you full control over your plastic production process. The actual measurement of a loss-in-weight feeder system ensures optimal control over the production process. It means savings on colorants, higher efficiency, more stability and a sustainable solution in coloring with masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquid.

Movacolor was the first in the world of dosing to introduce the patented loss-in-weight technology. All loss-in-weight feeders of Movacolor are equipped with a unique dosing tool, which doses the additive into the main material flow without any pulsations.

The most basic inline dosing technique is the volumetric dosing technology. Volumetric dosing means to have: no control, no compensation and no real time feedback. To be at the safe side: with the volumetric dosing technology overdosing is unavoidable and it’s obvious that the risk of coloring mistakes are much bigger. A risk rather not taken for non-detectible additives like slip agents and barriers.


loss-in-weight feeder versus a volumetric feeder

Loss-in-weight feeders give full control over your production process

With loss-in-weight feeders you create 100% control over your plastic production process and they allow you to dose exact on the spot. When you dose with a loss-in-weight feeder there is no need for overdosing and it gives optimal control and traceability over your injection molding, blow molding or extrusion application. With the loss-in-weight feeders of Movacolor you open the possibility to accurately dose high concentrated masterbatches and expensive additives in-line and save costs on your production process.

Movacolor is the expert in the world of dosing when it comes to in low dosing. Reaching dosing percentages of 0.05% or less are no exception. This is only possible with our highly accurate gravimetric control in combination with our unique dosing cylinder, stepper motor and patented weighing system. The loadcell weights the complete unit, which means that every pellet is measured. Through the continues measurement of a loss-in-weight feeder you can reduce the external factors that can influence the end product.

The loss-in-weight feeder which offers the best solution depends on your particular plastic production process. The advantage of the Movacolor loss-in-weight feeder technology is that you can easily adjust or upgrade the modular system. All Movacolor gravimetric dosing units are based on the proven technology of the MCBalance. This inline, high precision loss-in-weight feeder is based on more than 20 years of experience in a wide variety of production types.