• Real time monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Reporting
  • Material management
  • Recipe management
  • Back-up and restore


MCSmart software monitors the performance of all gravimetric dosing systems Movacolor controlled from one to unlimited number of touch screen controllers. The system is based on a SQL database for 24/7 of data collection. Data can be retrieved at any time, even after months.

MCSmart can be installed as standalone or server/client application. Multiple desktop users can access the database. Available functions depend on used login level securing any risk of unintended use. An unlimited reporting function for generating material consumption reports and alarm summary reports is at your disposal.

Connection is established via a standard LAN network. The software can be installed on any standard PC, stand alone or in a central server configuration. All recipes can be made and managed in this system.These recipes are synchronized to individual units and can either be activated locally or remote, taking away any possible operator mistakes. The remote operation option allows you to duplicate the touch screen on your computer and perform all operations, as if you were in front of the unit.


  • Continuous data logging All process parameters are continuously stored in a database. Data can be retrieved and analyzed at any time.
  • Reporting Custom reports can be generated for a daily journal of material consumption and product quality.
  • Contact our dosing specialists for more information about MCSmart Software from Movacolor and how you can get complete control over your dosing process for injection molding and extrusion with this unique software.


Compatible Movacolor units

MCTC with software version 2.1.0 or higher

Data logging options

24/7 data logging
All process data per shot (injection molding) or per time interval (minimum 1 sec).
Material consumption per batch, based on order number
SQL database

External communication

Standaard PC link using TCP/IP or Modbus-TCP protocol


Three levels of licenses are available: basic, standaard and advanced.

Recipe functionality

Activate selected recipe in controller
Download recipes from controller
Make / modify / delete recipes
Upload recipes to controller

Remote operation

Full screen replication via VNC

System requirements

10 gigabytes of free hard disc space
10/100/1000 Mbs Ethernet port
3 gigabytes of RAM
Intel i5 processor or higher
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Trouble shooting options

Back-up and upload configuration
Download event and alarm log's
Full remote operation

View options (summary)

Data table all parameters
Graph three parameters, multiple graphs
Individual unit settings
Status overview multiple units