Gravimetric dosing systems for any kind of application

Movacolor is world leading in the development and marketing of high precision gravimetric dosing systems. Throughout the years we have developed a wide range of high precision gravimetric dosing systems for plastic producers all over the world, for any kind of application.

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Easy-to-operate gravimetric feeders to handle any kind of material

Movacolor introduced as one of the first in the world their patented gravimetric dosing technology with the development of the highly accurate MCBalance. This dosing unit is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing and can be used by plastic producers on a daily basis in extrusion, injection molding and blow molding. The highly accurate Movacolor gravimetric dosing technology is based on a loss-in-weight weighing system and a dosing cylinder which doses in a straight line without any pulsations.

The gravimetric feeders of Movacolor are equipped with a Movacolor touch screen controller and MCSmart software, which gives you full control over your extrusion, injection molding or blow molding process. The Movacolor touch screen controllers are designed in a way every operator in the plastics industry can work with it, with initial start-up of your injection molding machine or extruder taking no time at all.

To broaden the successful gravimetric feeder product line, Movacolor focused on the difficulties plastics producers face when dosing hard to handle materials like regrind, powder or liquid. Therefor the engineers of Movacolor developed the MCTwin, MCHybrid 30R-series and MCHigh Output 2500R, that can easily handle regrind. Next to that the MCPowder, MCPowder High Output and MCLiquid can easily dose materials like powders and liquids.

Modular gravimetric dosing systems for specific plastic production processes

For higher capacities Movacolor has developed the MCHigh Output and MCHigh Output 2500R. These gravimetric dosing systems can dose from 50 kilogram per hour up to 1,200 kilogram per hour, without making any concessions to accuracy. The MCHigh Output 2500R has especially been developed to handle low bulk density regrind like PET-flakes, which can be reused into the production process up to 75%.

Movacolor also offers gravimetric blenders in their product range, which are unique in the world of dosing. The innovative gravimetric blenders MCHybrid 30 and MCHybrid 200 are developed with a special dosing principle, which combines two technologies in one system: batch-blending and in-line gravimetric dosing. The Movacolor gravimetric blender product line also offers a regrind-version: the MCHybrid 30R-series.

All gravimetric dosing systems of Movacolor are modular. This means plastic producers using an injection molding machine, blow molding machine or extruder can use a Movacolor dosing unit that has been created to client specification. This particular dosing unit is perfectly suited to any production type in extrusion, injection molding or blow molding applications. Setting up or making dosing systems ready for operation is extremely simple and can be handled by anyone working in the production area.