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From customer feedback to new solution: The MCS Off-line Dosing

Last year we received several inquiries regarding the viability of positioning our MDS 6 Balance next to the production machine. These questions triggered us to develop a new solution to meet this demand; the Off-line dosing add-on. In this blog, I will explore the key challenges faced by these customers, elaborate on the functioning of this solution, and outline the benefits it brings to your operation.
Off-line Dosing Configuration


The primary motivation behind our customers’ inquiry for wanting to position the dosing unit alongside the production machine (off-line) was rooted in safety considerations. Due to the tightening of regulations, manufacturers are seeking ways to enhance safety in their factories.

Visualize a scenario where an operator has to climb on top of the production machine or stretch his arms to reach high positions for maintenance tasks related to the dosing unit, such as cleaning, material change, or hopper re-fills. In such situations, there exists a significant risk of the operator getting injured, for instance, by falling off the production machine.

Furthermore, there is a potential danger that an operator might cause severe damage to the production machine while performing these tasks because he cannot access the material inlet and/or dosing unit properly. Because time is money, operators often resort to makeshift solutions to expedite the job, thereby exposing themselves to various risks.


In addition to safety, our customers also mentioned efficiency as an important consideration. With larger (vertical) injection molding machines and extruders, the accessibility of the dosing unit may be limited. As a result, operators may need to invest more time in reaching and servicing the dosing unit, leading to increased maintenance time and operational disruptions.

Off-line Dosing Add-on

Our engineers have come up with a solution to address these challenges. Introducing the Off-line dosing add-on, a valuable addition for an MDS Balance configuration.

This add-on consists of a versatile moveable trolley equipped with an integrated collection funnel, a transport hose, and an additional de-airing neckpiece. By placing the MDS Balance on a trolley, you gain the freedom to effortlessly move it around the factory, up to 10 meters from the production machine. The maximum transport height supported is 5 meters, and it boasts a substantial capacity of 32 kg/h for efficient transportation. Furthermore, the Off-line dosing setup can accommodate up to three MDS balances, offering maximum configuration flexibility.

With the implementation of the Off-line dosing add-on, you are able to optimize your efficiency while minimizing associated risks. By mounting the dosing unit on a mobile cart positioned adjacent to the production machine, essential maintenance tasks such as color changes, re-filling, and cleaning can now be conveniently performed at ground level. This eliminates the need to work at elevated heights or on top of the production machine, significantly enhancing safety and overall operational efficiency. Sound great, right?

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A Concern for Accuracy

During the field-testing phase, our test customers raised a question regarding the dosing accuracy of the Off-line setup compared to the on-line configuration. This question stemmed from the fact that dosing further away from the material inlet could potentially result in reduced control over the material flow.

To elaborate, manufacturers typically prefer positioning their dosing unit as close to the material inlet (on-line) as possible, to minimize the risk of any interference during the dosing process. In the off-line setup, the dosing unit is placed on a cart alongside the production machine. The material is dosed into a collection funnel and then transported via a hose to a receiving neckpiece. This neckpiece is mounted in the same location as the regular neckpiece, directly above the material inlet.

Given this setup, the concern expressed by our test customers was understandable, as there is limited control over the material while it is being transported through the hose.

However, our engineers have thoughtfully considered this concern during the development of the receiving neckpiece. The material flows rapidly through the hose, and the receiving neckpiece efficiently channels the material just like a regular neckpiece would. As a result, the test results have shown that the dosing accuracy achieved with the off-line setup is comparable to, and in some cases even superior to the on-line configuration.

High Vibrating Injection Molding Machines

In injection molding, it is normal that the machine vibrates significantly when running. While our MDS 6 Balance excels at precise dosing under the majority of vibration scenarios, businesses utilizing machinery with high vibrations have long encountered challenges in achieving accuracy in dosing results.

Let’s consider an example of an injection molding machine with the capacity to produce up to 200 items per cycle. In such machines, a crucial step involves the retraction of the sprue from the nozzle within the mold, preventing premature solidification of the material. This movement results in significant vibrations that have the potential to interfere with the dosing tool’s ability to achieve the utmost precision in dosing.

By separating the dosing unit from the production machine, we have effectively eliminated the detrimental effects of vibrations on the dosing process. As a result, you can now experience higher levels of dosing accuracy, consistency, and overall product quality, even in the presence of high vibrations.


In conclusion, our Off-Line Dosing add-on brings about a revolutionary change for plastic manufacturers utilizing big extruders, big injection molding machines, and two-component vertical injection molding machines. We have carefully considered and addressed the concerns voiced by our customers, resulting in a solution that prioritizes safety, accessibility, and convenience within your factory.

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