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Balance Technology

A significant contributor to the precision and efficiency of our dosing units is Balance Technology, an advanced innovation featured in models like the MDS Balance and MHBS Blender, among others. At its core is a load cell with loss-in-weight capabilities, revolutionizing material dispersion for heightened accuracy.

Known for its gravimetric dosing capabilities, the MDS Balance stands out for its exceptional inline dosing precision. Utilizing sophisticated software and a centrally positioned load cell, a crucial aspect of Balance Technology, this dosing device ensures accuracy in ‘loss-in-weight’ calculations, offering a reliable assessment of material weight reduction from the hopper. Importantly, this technique allows your dosing unit to stay relatively unaffected by vibrations from the production machine, ensuring consistent and dependable dosing procedures.

The essence of Balance Technology lies in its adaptive nature to fluctuations in material weight. The load cell, continuously gauging material weight in the hopper, dynamically adjusts the feeding rate to maintain alignment with the set point. This real-time adjustment is key to achieving dosing precision of up to 0.05%, resulting in a finely tuned dosing process that optimizes material dispersion while minimizing waste and enhancing overall production efficiency.

A noteworthy feature of Balance Technology is its seamless integration into various dosing units, including the MHBS Blender, and several solutions from the MDS series. This integration extends the benefits of Balance Technology to diverse applications, catering to the unique requirements of different industries. Whether handling high-throughput applications in the MHBS Blender or blending multiple components with several MDS Balances, Balance Technology ensures consistent and accurate dosing performance.

Practically speaking, our dosing units with Balance Technology contribute to improved control and accuracy throughout the dosing process. The load cell’s ‘loss-in-weight’ measurement capability enables real-time evaluation of material consumption, simplifying adjustments to dosing parameters. This level of precision is particularly valuable in industries where even minor errors can lead to variations in the final product’s quality or increased manufacturing costs.

Our commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by the seamless integration of Balance Technology with additional components. Beyond dosing units, this integration encompasses auxiliary elements that support a comprehensive dosage system. The result is a scalable and modular dosing system adaptable to the unique needs of each application, providing you with flexibility in today’s dynamic production environment.

In conclusion, our dedication to providing accuracy and efficiency in dosing processes is evident through Balance Technology. Our dosing equipment featuring Balance Technology, such as the MDS Balance with its highly accurate inline dosing capabilities and the MBS and MHBS Blenders, redefines industry standards. The seamless integration of this technology with other units and components underscores our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and adaptable dosing solution to businesses seeking precision and effectiveness in their production.