Accessories to complete your dosing system

With the unique dosing accessories of Movacolor you can improve the performance of your gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing systems. The special accessories provide you complete control over your dosing process, easy operation and ensure accurate dosing. The dosing accessories range consist of intelligent controllers and inline mixers.

Accessories: intelligent controllers for injection molding and extrusion

The dosing accessories product line of Movacolor consist of several intelligent controllers for gravimetric feeders and volumetric feeders. Movacolor touch screen controllers offer maximum control for gravimetric dosing in injection molding and extrusion applications. The optimum user-friendly controller features an 8 inch full color display and a fast response touch screen. Multiple dosing systems can be controlled and there is an internal recipe/data storage function and exchange via USB. Movacolor touch screen controllers communicate via TCP-IP, Modbus or Profibus. The menus of the touch screen controllers are self-explanatory and therefor easy to operate by everyone. The housing of the controller is made of robust stainless steel.

The controller product line for volumetric feeders consists of the MC12 Economic, MC18 Synchronic and MC30 Auto-Calibrate. The MC30 Auto-Calibrate controller is the most advanced controller for volumetric dosing systems. It features an automatic material calibration function and a recipes storage function. The communication of the MC30 controller goes through TCP/IP. There is a menu guided control and graphic LCD display with backlight. The MC30 controller also has an integrated hopper loader control and a warning and alarm output. The MC18 Synchronic controller is mostly used for extrusion applications and synchronizes automatically to the speed of an extruder. The MC12 Economy controller is the most basic and low-priced controller for volumetric dosing systems.

Accessories: inline mixers for injection molding or extrusion

Motorized inline mixers and mixers for PET are also part of Movacolor’s dosing accessories product line. The inline mixers of Movacolor have a user-friendly design which makes them easy in use. The disassemble process of the inline mixer is made simple. Just remove the 3 phase-motor of the inline mixer with the counter rotating mixer blades and all parts are reachable for maintenance and cleaning.

For the most of injection molding or extrusion processes the general inline dosing principle works and adding an inline mixer is not necessary. However when the plasticizing screw of the extruder or injection molding machine has a limited homogenization capability, it is useful to use an inline mixer. Movacolor has developed mixers that perform a perfect job in homogenization and coating of low melting colors or additives Whether or not to use an inline mixer depends on the kind of plastic production process. The dosing specialists of Movacolor can give you a professional tailor made advice based on your type of production process. 

Need advice about what our dosing accessories can do for you to improve the performance of your injection molding machine or extruder? Please contact our dosing specialists.