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MBS Blender 20-Recycling Series

We have added the 20-recycling series to our MBS blender range, specifically for plastics processors working with recycled material in their production processes. This blender is capable of processing hard to handle and difficult flowing materials such as PCR, flakes and certain regrinds. The material hopper oscillators (shaking devices) ensure optimal material flow while the isolated upper body filters vibrations, ensuring high dosing accuracy. Optionally, the material hoppers can be equipped with bridge breakers to prevent material blocking or bridging. Like the regular Movacolor 20-series, this blender is characterized by its intuitive controller, robust design and absence of mechanical parts and cables in the material hoppers. This allows easy accessibility for cleaning, material changes and other routine tasks.

The MBS Blender 20-recycling series can be upgraded to a MHBS Hybrid blending system for optimal control over critical or expensive additives. This hybrid system combines gravimetric blending and dosing in one integrated system.

MCS Off-line dosing

With the MCS Off-line Dosing, operators can now perform essential maintenance tasks at ground level, eliminating the need to work at elevated heights or on top of production machines, resulting in improved safety and efficiency in your production. 

Additionally, it allows manufacturers to achieve superior dosing accuracy and blend homogeneity, even in the presence of high vibrations, resulting in consistently high-quality products. Additionally, manufacturers can easily avoid spending €30,000 on buying expensive mezzanine structures. 

Seeking a customized solution for your factory? Our versatile MCS Off-line Dosing is available in three different configurations, which consist of a movable frame, stand, and trolley configuration. Visit our stand at NPE to explore which off-line dosing configuration is best for improving your production process!

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MCS Off-line dosing frame configuration

MDS Volumetric Feeder

This new volumetric dosing solution – ‘Dosing Done Right’ – is developed for plastics manufacturers that require a high-performing dosing unit at a cost-effective price.

The MDS Volumetric Feeder comes with a high-end stepper motor, a wide selection range of dosing cylinders and augers, a stainless-steel hopper, and a robust neckpiece. Optimal blend homogeneity is accomplished through inline dosing using a centralized neckpiece insert.  

The MDS Volumetric Feeder includes a dedicated 4.3” VoluTouch controller. This capacitive touchscreen controller can efficiently manage up to two units and is equipped with intuitive functionalities, offering ease of use through simple recipe management and connectivity via a wireless web interface. Additionally, this dosing solution allows 60-second cleaning and material change through a discharge valve with easy motor and dosing tool release and change.     

The MDS Volumetric Feeder is part of Movacolor’s modular dosing concept and can be combined with other units and/or as well as specifically tailored to fit the requirements of different production processes.

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