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MMS Totalizer

MMS Totalizer

A gravimetric measurement solution with gain-in-weight technology for measuring granular main material consumption with an accuracy up to 1%.

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The MMS Totalizer is engineered to precisely measure main material consumption, enhancing control over your production processes. Specifically designed to measure the consumption of granular main material, it seamlessly integrates into existing Movacolor setups and non-Movacolor setups. 

The MMS Totalizer is equipped with a measurement system for load cycles (sensing device) between a loader/receiver and a material vessel (hopper, bin, or other material storage containers.) The two high-precision load cells integrated into the unit measure the weight of the material, which provides real-time insight into the consumption of your main material and the ability to track consumption tied to a production lot number. 

The MMS Totalizer can be fitted with various hopper loaders, providing adaptability to different production requirements. The top plate of this unit features an adapter plate that can be mounted to accommodate loaders with an outlet diameter of up to 280 mm. The system can connect to a wide range of material tubes with different tube holders. 

Indication lights positioned on all four sides of the MMS Totalizer allow for easy status checks of the full-color touchscreen controller from any angle, providing a 360-degree view of the machine’s operation. Additionally, the modularity of this unit ensures effortless integration into existing setups, making it suitable for a wide range of factories across the globe. 

Standard Equipment: 

  • 8” full-color touchscreen controller 
  • Two integrated load cells 

The MMS Totalizer is a valuable addition to the Movacolor system, offering precise main material consumption measurements for optimized production processes. 

Ready to enhance your control over main material consumption? Contact our product specialists today and discover how the MMS Totalizer can integrate seamlessly into your Movacolor setup. 



MMS Totalizer
Industry 4.0 compatible
Industry 4.0 compatible

Want to connect with other machine controllers or central monitoring systems? No problem. This unit is prepared to communicate via different protocols such as OPC-UA and Profinet.

Movacolor Modular Dosing Concept
Modular system

This unit is part of the Movacolor modular dosing and blending concept and can easily be integrated and/or combined with all other Movacolor products.


Up to 75 kg/h (Depending on the loader)


Injection molding, Extrusion


Can be fitted with many different types of hopper loaders


Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, OPC/UA, Alarm, Warning, Run, potential free, 24VDC or extruder tacho (0-30VDC)


8” full colour touch screen controller, Internal memory for static changes, Logging software for dynamic changes, Multilingual


Supply: 95-250 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz by integrated automatic voltage selector, Consumption: 150 Watt maximum


Virgin, Up to 180 °C


Modular, Compact and robust, Made in the Netherlands

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High-temperature version up to 180 degrees Celsius
Reinforcement plate for compatibility with non-Movacolor equipment
Blind Controller
Adapter plate and ring for compatibility with different hopper loader sizes
Tube holders
Stainless steel intermediate hopper
Single-phase hopper loader (MFD)
3-phase vacuum hopper loader
Cable management kit

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