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Movacolor at Fakuma 2023    

Are you looking for the latest dosing innovation for your plastic production process? At Fakuma 2023, we’re presenting various of our modular dosing solutions and new features. Keep on reading to find out why you should pay a visit to our booth.

Fakuma 2023 promises to become another fantastic show, with nearly 1,500 registered exhibitors and plenty of industry specialists. It’s an event we’re always excited about! Are you?

Because of the size of the exhibition and the timespan of only four and a half days, we understand that you want to make the most of your time and may have to prioritize which booths to visit.  In this news post, we’ve summarized everything we’ll be showing at the Fakuma and why you should certainly stop at our booth – Hall A3 Booth 3002.   

Go beyond blending with our MBS and MHBS blender range  

For plastic producers using low-cost materials with a high throughput, batch blenders can be a cost-effective choice compared to dosing units that may be better suited for smaller-scale or continuous processes.  

When working with expensive and critical additives in your production process, it is paramount that a batch blender’s dosing accuracy and mixing uniformity is top-notch to avoid overdosing (material cost increase) and underdosing (scrap/rejects rate increase).   

Our MBS Blenders can efficiently handle various (low bulk-density) materials and offer extensive control over your production process. They have a compact and sturdy design, with no mechanical or moving parts in the hoppers. They are also part of our modular dosing and blending concept, so they can be tailored to fit your production process.  

However, despite the advanced mechanics of our blenders, there are limitations when it comes to accuracy. In comparison to feeders, blenders tend to exhibit higher shot-to-shot fluctuations. Furthermore, inside the blender’s mixing chamber, there is a risk of de-mixing and segregation of dosed materials due to variations in bulk density, resulting in an uneven blend. This issue becomes particularly noticeable when blending low percentages.   

As a solution, we encourage plastic manufacturers that opt for blenders to “Go beyond blending.” But what exactly does this mean?  

We tackle the challenges mentioned by integrating blending and dosing into a single system known as a hybrid blender. To configure a hybrid blender, you can incorporate up to six gravimetric dosing units, suitable for handling granules, powder, or liquids. 

What sets us apart from other suppliers is our use of gravimetric feeders and specialized inserts, which introduce materials’ inline,’ after the batch blender’s mixing chamber, right in the middle of the batch. This innovative approach effectively prevents de-mixing within the batch. It combines the best of two worlds: High throughput gravimetric blending and high accuracy gravimetric dosing resulting in optimal results and traceability.  

Secure your free ticket now and visit us at Hall A3 Booth 3002.

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MDS Balance   

Our MDS Balance has established a robust reputation as a renowned gravimetric dosing solution, serving the plastic manufacturing sector with pride for numerous years. The MDS Balance distinguishes itself through its exceptional precision in inline dosing.  

This accuracy is possible by using advanced dosing software and a centered load cell, which ensures accuracy of up to 0.05% even in the face of vibrations caused by your production machine. The MDS Balance provides you with complete control over your production process, resulting in substantial cost savings on additives while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Off-line dosing stand configuration 

Last year, we received several inquiries about the feasibility of positioning our MDS Balance next to the production machine in an off-line configuration. The primary motivation behind these questions stemmed from safety concerns. Due to tightening regulations, manufacturers are seeking ways to enhance factory safety.  

Especially manufacturers using large production machines, such as vertical injection molding machines, were actively seeking ways to enhance safety on the production floor. The challenge arose from the fact that with these larger machines, the dosing unit is often not easily accessible. Consequently, some processing companies resort to expensive mezzanine structures and sometimes even let operators climb on top of the production machine to carry out maintenance tasks like changing colors or cleaning.  

This is why we’ve developed an add-on for the MDS Balance that allows manufacturers to position their dosing unit next to the production machine, which helps their operators perform maintenance work with increased safety and, sometimes, even higher accuracy.  

The Off-line dosing add-on is available in three configurations: the stand, movable frame, and trolley. At Fakuma 2023, we’ll showcase our Off-line dosing stand configuration, allowing you to increase the floor space by mounting the system onto the primary machines’ bed.   

Do you want to read more about the development of our Off-line dosing add-on? Read our blog post to read the entire backstory of this configuration.  

MDS Nexus   

For some applications, more than a precision of up to 0.05% is required. For instance, a dosing unit is only suitable for specific medical applications if the additive’s dosing accuracy can be traced down to an individual plastic pallet.  

The MDS Nexus is an advanced optometric dosing solution that has set a new standard for precision. Using laser technology and specially designed dosing discs, it counts individual plastic pellets at a remarkable speed of up to 5 pellets per second, while maintaining a dosing accuracy of 100%. Plus, its compact design with 3D-printed components ensures durability while minimizing size, making it suitable for small injection molding machines and lab extruders.  

The MDS Nexus allows manufacturers in the most precise application to dose with confidence and proves its accuracy daily among medical manufacturers across the globe.  

Basic Recipe Mode (BRM)  

Basic Recipe Mode (BRM) is a new software feature developed to streamline operations and minimize errors during dosing unit configuration and operation. BRM simplifies the selection and execution of recipes, reducing the potential for mistakes that may lead to product defects or equipment damage. This, in turn, translates to reduced waste, minimized downtime, and significant cost savings.   

In BRM mode, operators can effortlessly transition between different recipes or settings with minimal disruption, eliminating the need for extensive reconfiguration or reprogramming. When recipe adjustments are necessary, a quick switch to ‘admin’ mode provides access to all previous functions. Returning to operator mode is straightforward, allowing your team to identify and select the required recipes rapidly.  

The new BRM feature is excellent for a workforce of less experienced personnel who need a seamless means to execute predefined recipes and line managers who are resolute in ensuring operational precision while reducing operational complexities.  

Portable touchscreen controller   

We’re saying goodbye to our current touchscreen controller and are launching a brand new one that has updated software, 1 cable instead of many, and is portable up to 15 meters.    

Our new ergonomically designed 8″ Portable touchscreen controller is partially made of recycled plastic and engineered for maximum flexibility. It comes with a single cable, ensuring you don’t have dozens of cables roaming around on the factory floor, and you can keep your production lines as organized as possible.   

Furthermore, the backplate of the new PTC has multiple CMB and VESA pattern holes, making it easy to mount for a permanent setup. For even more flexibility, you can choose the magnetic mounting option as a more flexible alternative.

Visit Our Booth at Fakuma 2023   

Want to find out more about our Modular dosing and Blending concept and how our solutions can benefit your production process? Make sure to stop by our booth at the Fakuma 23!   

We invite our entire network to join us at Fakuma 2023. Contact us or one of our local distributors to secure your tickets.