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Dosing technology

Plastic manufacturing companies are looking for all kinds of qualities in dosing technology. Some are looking for cost reduction on colorants. Some seek a more stable production process. Others are attempting to increase efficiency or improve quality. All dosing systems of Movacolor have these specific benefits in integrated modular dosing systems for injection molding and extrusion applications.

Dosing technology based on the latest developments

The engineers of Movacolor are constantly keeping on track of the latest developments in the plastics industry and working on improving the highly accurate dosing technology of the Movacolor products. The dosing technology of Movacolor is based on the inline dosing of materials like masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid colorants into virgin material.

For gravimetric feeders and volumetric feeders we combine the unique Movacolor dosing cylinder with a stepper motor to ensure consistent flow resulting in reliable color and wall thickness and high quality end product. Our optometric feeders are developed with an optometric dosing technology, based on an optical sensor and special dosing disc. This unique in the world dosing technology allows you to dose ultra-precise, pellet by pellet.

Dosing technology with a dosing cylinder

The unique highly accurate dosing cylinder is a proprietary invention of Movacolor and part of the Movacolor dosing technology. The dosing cylinder ensures extremely constant, pulsation and interruption-free dosing from the smallest doses (0.01 kg/hr) to the largest (1,000 kg/hr). This allows you to dose spot-on: no extra dosing of expensive additives is required to compensate for irregular dosing or mixing. The result: 20-50% savings on expensive additives.

The Movacolor dosing cylinder has an incredibly large capacity range for a single dosing tool (0.7 – 18 kg/hr with GX dosing cylinder). This unique and high precision dosing tool solves the problems of irregular output and stoppages often encountered with traditional dosing devices based on regular augers or discs.

Dosing technology with a stepper motor

To meet the accuracy plastics producers need, Movacolor was and is always on top of the latest developments in the world of the dosing technology. Therefor Movacolor developed the stepper motor with an adjustable speed from 0.1 up to 200 rpm. The stepper motor drives the Movacolor dosing cylinder. The Movacolor stepper motor is superior to a DC motor, because it functions in steps. This allows the operator to adjust the speed of the dosing cylinder very quickly.

Dosing technology with a neckpiece and insert

Neckpieces and neckpiece inserts are also part of the unique Movacolor dosing technology. One or more Movacolor dosing systems can be placed onto the neckpiece. The Movacolor neckpieces and neckpiece inserts prevent material separation by introducing the colorant directly into the machine throat, also known as inline dosing. The engineers of Movacolor developed several neckpiece inserts for any kind of application, allowing you to accurately dose with all kinds of materials.