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What is inline dosing?

Inline dosing means that a product is added directly to the flow of the main material. Often, inline dosing works by dispersing additives directly at the inlet of the processing machine, also known as direct dosing in the plastics industry.

In the context of the plastic industry, inline dosing refers to the precise injection or addition of specific chemicals or additives directly into the plastic processing stream as it moves through the manufacturing line. This method is crucial for achieving accurate and controlled dosing of substances at a particular point in the plastic production process. Inline dosing systems in the plastic industry play a vital role in ensuring the proper incorporation of additives, colorants, or other materials into the molten plastic, contributing to the desired characteristics of the final plastic product. This approach allows for real-time and continuous dosing, facilitating efficiency and consistency in plastic material manufacturing.

At Movacolor, we focus on providing practical solutions for plastic processors. Our modular dosing and blending solutions offer a streamlined approach to precision dosing for any application in various industries.

We facilitate inline dosing through a centralized insert within our modular neckpiece. This system is designed for versatility, allowing for configuration with multiple gravimetric or volumetric dosing solutions. This technology ensures the accurate incorporation of additives, colorants, or other materials into molten plastic. Whether you are using regrind, granular, liquid, or powder material, our solutions are guaranteed to provide you with the accuracy you need for a great final product.