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Product launch MCHybrid 30R

The new MCHybrid 30R is a variant of the current MCHybrid 30. The R stands for regrind, as this machine is specially upgraded for the use of lower density regrind materials. Like we are used with the standard hybrid machines, the MCHybrid 30R can be customized with a wide choice of hopper models and support systems for loaders.

The MCHybrid 34.2R with 2 of the new 38 liter Regrind Hoppers

Features MCHybrid 30R

  • The hoppers have a bigger volume to compensate for the lower density materials, and are designed with a steeper angle for less flowing materials.
  • The hoppers are non-removable because of the higher weight, but draining through the machine is possible with the included drain assist.
  • The smaller hoppers are the standard 7 liter hoppers equipped with a ME25 loading system.
  • The blender unit is mounted on a neckpiece with 2 MCBalance units, making the hybrid concept complete
  • The MCHybrid 34R is capable of a maximum throughput up to 250 kg/hr (551 lbs/hr).
  • Vibrators and level sensors for the 38 liter hoppers are optional.
  • The mixing chamber is upgraded with an optimized mixing bin and agitator. The simplified design of the mixing bin makes cleaning easy and the outlet is increased to improve flow of material.
  • The agitator has a better reach in the mixing chamber and lowers mixing time.