Applications of all kind can be accurately handled with the dosing systems of Movacolor

The high quality products of Movacolor are being used in many types of applications, like for example household, automotive, toys, medical, caps and closures, PET preforms, packaging, cables, profiles, pipes, sheets, film and many other applications. These applications all have their specific needs when it comes to the dosing process. Movacolor offers a broad range in gravimetric and volumetric dosing products to be able to tackle the challenges in the production process of all of these applications.

Household applications

Producers of plastic household products know that they need a steady dosing system that doses regrind, powder, liquid or masterbatch accurately. Household product applications always need to be of consistent high quality. Movacolor develops and produces innovative accurate dosing products that can meet the requirements household applications need. Read more about our dosing solutions for household applications

Automotive applications

Toys applications

Medical applications

Caps and closures applications

PET preforms applications

Packaging applications

Cables applications

Profiles applications

Pipes applications

Sheets applications

Film applications

Other applications




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