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The countdown to the VFOJ finals has begun!

The countdown to the finals of the Verkiezing Friese Onderneming van het Jaar 2023 has begun. After winning a spot in the finals, we had the honor of welcoming the VFOJ jury to our office in Sneek. We got the chance to show our passion for sustainable plastic production by involving the jury in our daily work and presenting them with a challenging customer case.
Jury visit VFOJ Movacolor 2023

To solve the customer case, the jury had to work together with the Movacolor team to develop a unit that effectively reduces waste in the plastic manufacturing process. The jury participated in the engineering, order handling, and picking process before assembling the unit themselves. Once the unit was built, they were able to witness a demonstration of its capabilities using our demo-unit. This experience provided the jury with the reward of seeing their solution come to life and working to its full potential.  

As we reflect on a productive day, we start the countdown for the last presentation in St. Annaparochie on Tuesday of next week. Our team is motivated and ready to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable plastic manufacturing and to creating awareness on ways to minimize waste within our industry. We can’t wait to see who will be crowned the winner. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event!