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Sustainability is the ideal “balance” between the 4 P’s

Sustainability is one of our core values. To maximize the benefits of this core value in everything we do as a company, we always consider the 4 P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity and Plastics. As a sustainable business, we are constantly looking for the right balance among the first three elements. Plastics, of course, is also important to us. In terms of sustainability, we take our responsibility seriously and try to anticipate the impact our decisions will have on the 4 P’s.
Sustainability 4 P's

Sustainability and People

Here at Movacolor, we think very carefully before taking the next step. We consider how, why and for whom we do what we do. We value our employees as well as our customers highly. Everyone has the right to live in a sustainable world, which is why we carefully consider the possible impact of all that we undertake. We try to increase our customers’ awareness of sustainable procurement and the importance of having a long-term vision. Will you opt for the cheapest alternative, or will you invest in a sustainable solution that is not only better for the environment but often ends up cheaper in the long run?

Sustainability and Planet

Sometimes the best possible approach to taking care of our world requires exploring solutions from an unconventional angle. At Movacolor, this is how we aim to provide the highest levels of service. Providing this high level of service sometimes means that we have to travel all around the world. In order to limit this as much as possible, we offer our customers local service. We frequently create new instructional videos on how to commission and maintain our units. We also try to design software that can be easily understood by every user. If the customer is nevertheless unable to start up their Movacolor unit, we offer remote support via a chat service, Skype, telephone or email. One way or another, we will help you get your unit working! We are committed to providing you this level of service.

Sustainability and Prosperity

To us, prosperity is more than just making a decent living. Our customers require dosing systems that are both easy to operate and capable of handling raw materials efficiently. This efficiency is how we try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Movacolor develops and produces these systems with the aim of working together with our customers toward building a more sustainable world. We also consider this collaboration to be a form of prosperity.

Sustainability and Plastics

And last but not least, our passion: plastics! We are certainly aware of the disadvantages presented by the use of plastics. On the other hand, we strongly believe that plastic is one of the most amazing raw materials available – when it is properly produced, utilized and recycled. When plastic is produced using the most highly accurate dosing equipment, you can maximize your results while using as little raw material as possible. This approach is not only sustainable, but it also helps save our customers money by enabling them to use fewer resources.

Our products and the 4 P’s

When developing our products, we always take the 4 P’s into account. Using our gravimetric feeders in injection molding or extrusion applications reduces the quantity of a master batch that is required. We also offer a number of gravimetric feeders and blenders that have been specially developed for regrind processing.