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What is Micro Injection Molding?

Micro injection molding is a specialized manufacturing process that produces small, intricate plastic parts with high precision and accuracy. This technique is an extension of traditional injection molding, commonly used for the mass production of plastic components.

Regardless of being an extension of injection molding, micro injection molding is a unique manufacturing process focusing on producing small and intricate plastic parts. Due to the size of the parts, high precision and accuracy are required to limit waste and come to a suitable product.

In micro injection molding, manufacturers can produce tiny and detailed features to be incorporated into the design of the plastic parts. The process involves melting a small amount of thermoplastic material and injecting it into a tiny mold cavity, where it solidifies to form the desired product. The molds used in micro injection molding are specifically designed for miniature parts, and the process is well-suited for producing components with dimensions in the micrometer to millimeter range.

This technology is particularly valuable in industries where miniaturization and precision are crucial, such as electronics, medical devices, automotive, and telecommunications. Micro injection molding allows for producing small and intricate parts that may be challenging or impossible to manufacture through other methods. The process offers advantages like high repeatability, tight tolerances, and cost-effectiveness in producing large quantities of small, complex components.

For some applications, dosing additives into the production of small plastic parts plays a significant role in the quality of the final product. For example, in the automotive industry, certain additives will likely serve the final users with added durability or, in some cases, even safety. This is particularly true within medical applications, where color might act as a distinction for doctors to use the right plastic part for their application. If we take another example, microinjection for medical applications requires the highest possible accuracy to ensure that products can not interfere with a health professional’s job or, worse, interfere with the quality of the healtcare provided due to a lower quality of a medical product.

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Therefore, accuracy is paramount in the micro injection molding industry. We’ve developed the MDS Nexus, a product specifically for these types of applications. Its integrated technology works with ultra-small shot weights, ensuring optimal accuracy by counting each pellet individually. Its specially designed dosing disc and laser technology enable the individual counting of pellets at an impressive speed of up to 5 per second. With a compact form factor of only 200 mm, the MDS Nexus seamlessly integrates into micro injection molding machines and lab extruders, offering manufacturers complete control over the dosing process.

Including 3D-printed (or completely stainless steel) parts enhances durability while minimizing components, making it an ideal solution for the precise and efficient production of small plastic parts. The missed pellet recovery algorithm further ensures continuous and accurate output, even with the challenges of micro-scale dosing, making the MDS Nexus an indispensable tool for achieving the highest levels of precision in micro injection molding applications.

However, based on your production process, you might require a tailored solution to suit your production requirements. If you have questions, our product specialists are more than happy to assist you in finding a suitable dosing solutions for your factory.