MCTwin: the optimum way to handle regrind

Reusing rejects and sprues in the form of regrind can result in saving substantial amounts of colorant. The secret? Dosing masterbatch, powder, liquid or another additive and regrind simultaneously. 

One dosing unit of the MCTwin functions as the master unit and doses regrind, while the second operates in conjunction with the master unit and doses the additive. In practice this means that the more regrind is available, the less colorant is added. 

This enables you to avoid overconsumption of additives and to reuse the maximum of regrind. The process is fully automatic, so you always dose the maximum percentage of available regrind. The quality remains constant, production run after production run, 24/7. 

The MCTwin uses Movacolor’s gravimetric dosing technology. This means continuous loss-in-weight measurement and automatic adjustment. The functionality of dosing regrind in combination with the additive makes the MCTwin a sustainable solution for your production process.

MCTwin: the optimum way to handle regrind


Features MCTwin

  • Continuous loss-in-weight measuring
  • Automatic coloring correction depending on recycle material
  • Ultra-compact three component system
  • Direct mounting on machine throat
  • 8” full color touch screen
  • Integrated hopper loader control
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Benefits MCTwin

  • Easy to install
    The in-line dosing units with integrated hopper loaders have a low building height and can always be installed directly on top of your machine.
  • Full flexibility
    The unique modular system gives you the opportunity to add extra units in the future, depending on the material and the production process.
  • Small footprint
    With the closed loop function, the sprues from the injection molding process are directly fed back into the process. No big intermediate storage hoppers are required. The amount of colorant added is automatically adjusted to the availability of regrind.

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