Optometric dosing: definition and explanation

Optometric dosing stands for high precision dosing of material with an optical sensor in a set timeframe. This unique visual dosing technology can dose masterbatch with 100% accuracy, in very small capacities, pellet by pellet. The optometric dosing technology is very suitable for the production of high-precision parts on ultra-small injection molding machines and extruders.

Optometric technology unique in the world of dosing

The engineers of Movacolor were the first in the world of dosing to introduce the patented highly accurate optometric dosing technology in 2016 with the MCNexus. The development of this unique visual dosing technology was based on a demand from the plastics industry to dose masterbatch in very small capacities. The optometric dosing technology is mostly used to handle the manufacturing of ultra-small high-precision end products on micro-injection molding machines and micro-extruders. Shot weights of less than 1 gram are no exception.

Optometric dosing technology explained step by step

We already explained to you that optometric dosing works with an optical sensor, but how does it work exactly step by step? A small air cartridge creates a vacuum behind a disc with small holes. The disc spins and picks up the pellets of masterbatch piece by piece. An optical sensor detects a pellet when the sensor signal is being blocked and drops the pellet into the neckpiece. With this technique our software is able to count the pieces of masterbatch pellet by pellet. The disc is available for pellets in various sizes.

If the air cartridge misses one pellet or more, the optical sensor of the dosing system will detect this and the dosing disc will correct this by spinning a bit faster. In this way the optometric dosing system doses every pellet of masterbatch with 100% accuracy. The minimum capacity of an optometric dosing system is one pellet per shot (normal or micro) with an optimal feedback control: good for any micro-injection molding machine or micro-extruder. The video below shows how the optometric dosing technology works.

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MCNexus: optometric high precision dosing

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