Dosing materials of all kind can be handled by the dosing systems of Movacolor

The innovative high quality product range of Movacolor consists of gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing machines that can easily dose all kinds of materials like regrind, masterbatch, liquids and powders. These materials all have their challenges in how to how to handle them during the dosing process. Movacolor is specialist in dosing each one of these materials.

Dosing regrind

In the plastics industry cost savings and sustainability are high on the agenda. That’s why it becomes more and more important to get rejects and sprouts back into the production process. The dosing systems of Movacolor can easily dose material like regrind together with masterbatch or free flowing powder. Read more about dosing regrind material

Dosing masterbatch

The dosing systems of Movacolor are the most accurate in the world for dosing materials like plastic granules, also known as masterbatch. For the development of our innovative dosing systems we use the experiences of our customers with regard the use of colorants in their production process and their desire for a stable production process, efficiency and high savings. Read more about dosing masterbatch material

Dosing liquid

Accurate dosing of liquid material is always a great challenge. Dosing liquid materials like colorants is most common in injection molding and extrusion. The innovative high quality gravimetric dosing system for liquid material proves that efficient use of liquid colorants secures a stable production process. This results in high savings on expensive liquid colorants and a high quality end product. Read more about dosing liquid material

Dosing powder

Dosing powder material is a very specialized job. With the experiences powder manufactures and plastic producers worldwide share with us, Movacolor has developed a high quality gravimetric dosing system that can accurately dose non-free flowing powders as well as heavy duty powders. Thanks to our powder dosing systems you can save up to 50% on your expensive powder additives. Read more about dosing powder material


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