Volumetric and gravimetric in-line dosing systems for extrusion

Extrusion is a specialty business in which accurate dosing is very important. The parts being produced by an extruder need to be of the highest quality. In regards of coloring the main material by dosing granulate, powder, regrind or liquid additive it is wise to choose a dosage system that is fitting the extrusion production process. Movacolor develops and produces such dosing systems for extrusion. All a plastic producing company needs in extrusion is an accurate dosing system which is also easy to operate. A dosing unit which functions quite silently. A dosage system that saves on colorant and other expensive additives, and therefore saves money as well as it tributes to a sustainable production process in extrusion. Movacolor offers just such dosing systems.

Accurate dosing system for extrusion

The most accurate dosing system technique for dosing additives like masterbatch, catalyst, purging material, powder, and regrind in extrusion is based on the use of the dosing cylinder. A gravimetric dosing unit or volumetric dosage system which is equipped with a dosing cylinder doses extremely accurate when it comes to extrusion.

Easy to operate dosage system

Every minute the extruder stands still costs valuable money. Movacolor designs dosing units in a way that colorants can be changed in less than a minute. All the volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems are robust and easy to clean. The dosing units designed for extrusion are easy to operate. It is designed in a way every operator in the plastics industry can work with it and allows extreme fast start-up of your extrusion lines.

Modular dosing unit

The modular design allows plastic producers using an extruder to gain a custom-made dosing system which perfectly fits their specific type of production. It is easily to adjust or to upgrade the dosing system.

Product line Movacolor gravimetric en volumetric dosing units

Movacolor develops and produces gravimetric dosing systems for extrusion:

Movacolor develops and produces volumetric dosing units for extrusion: