Extrusion with gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing units

Exact dosing is very important during extrusion. Parts that are manufactured using the extruder must meet the highest quality requirements. For dying the main material through dosing of an additive, it is recommended to choose a dosing system that is suited to the extrusion process.

A selection from our dosing system product range for extrusion:


MCBalance: gravimetric high precision dosing

Gravimetric high precision dosing


MCHybrid 200

MCHybrid 200: the best of dosing and blending in one system Capacity max. 1,000 kg/h

Dosing and blending in one system
Capacity max. 1,000 kg/h


MCWeightMCWeight: measuring throughput in extrusion

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Movacolor develops and manufactures dosing units for extrusion. The manufacturer only needs one precision dosing system for extrusion which is also easy to operate. A dosing system that also runs quietly. A dosing system that uses dyes and other costly additives sparingly and so can save on costs, as well as contributing to a continuous extrusion process. Precisely this type of dosing system is what Movacolor has to offer.

Extrusion with a high precision dosing system

The highest precision dosing technologies for dosing of additives for extrusion, such as Masterbatch, catalysts, cleaning materials, powders and regrind, based on the use of a dosing cylinder. A gravimetric optometric or a volumetric dosing unit, equipped with a dosing cylinder, doses with the highest levels of precision when used for extrusion.

Extrusion with easy-to-operate dosing systems

In the plastics industry, every minute that an extrusion machine is not operational leads to unnecessary costs. Movacolor designs its dosing units for extrusion in such a way that dyes can be changed in less than a minute. All our volumetric, optometric and gravimetric dosing units for extrusion are quick and easy to clean.

The dosing units designed for extrusion are easy to operate. They are constructed in such a way that any user working in the plastics industry can operate them, with initial start-up of your extruder taking no time at all.

Extrusion with a modular dosing unit

The modular design means that manufacturers using the extrusion machine can use a dosing unit that has been created to client specification, perfectly suited to a particular production type. Setting up or making the dosing unit ready for operation is a cinch.


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