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Accurate volumetric dosing system for injection molding and extrusion

Volumetric dosing means adding masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid additives by volume. A volumetric dosing system needs to be calibrated manually as the volume can change due to external factors. Volumetric dosing is used in both injection molding and extrusion.

Volumetric dosing for injection molding and extrusion

For the extrusion industry Movacolor offers the MC18 dosing system which adjusts automatically to the extruder speed. In injection molding dosing unit MC12 is well sold. Both dosing systems also feature a Micro version which is used for the smallest injection molding machines and capable of dosing masterbatch and powder with a capacity varying from 0.01 – 1.0 gr/s. Plastic processors who opt for an automatic hopper loader for automatically filling the hopper with masterbatch, powder or regrind chose the MC18.

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Does a volumetric dosing unit always needs to be calibrated manually?

Is it always necessary to calibrate a volumetric dosage system by hand? No it isn’t. Dosing unit MC30 Auto Calibrate is equipped with an automatic material calibration function. Further extra features are the recipes storage function. The control for extrusion (auto synchronization), control for injection molding (auto metering time synchronization) and LAN communication trough TCP/IP which allows you to monitor several volumetric and gravimetric dosing units from one computer.

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When is a volumetric dosing unit the best option? 

Volumetric dosing perfectly fits the needs of plastic processing companies who wish:

  • Reduction of (investment) costs
  • Accurate dosing when calibrated regularly by hand – MC18, MC12, MC18 Micro, MC12 Micro
  • Accurate volumetric dosing offering extra control and monitoring – MC30
  • An output of 0.01 – 1.0 gr/s– MC18 Micro, MC12 Micro
  • An output of 0.07 to 180 kg/h– MC30, MC18, MC12
  • An accurate dosing unit in terms of sustainability
  • Higher efficiency
  • More stability in the production process


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