MCMicro: the smallest dosing system for small injection molding machines

MCMicro is an ultra-compact dosing unit, especially developed for small injection molding machines. Its small size and the accurate stepper motor drive enables you to dose additives in-line on the smallest machines on the market. 

You can use the MCMicro for normal granulates and micro granulates. It is equipped with a quick release coupling, allowing easy color change. For different small injection molding machines we have adapters available.


The MCMicro comes with a MC12 controller. The masterbatch hopper has a volume of 200 ml. The unit can also be supplied with an optional integrated hopper loader for the main material and MC18 controller. The main material hopper can contain 1.8 liter. 

Reliable additive dosing on the smallest machines, the MCMicro is designed to do just that.

“The MCMicro is the first unit we found which fits on our mini extruder and can dose such small amounts of additives.”


MC12-Micro: dosing small amounts of masterbatch or microbeats

Features MC12-Micro

  • Manual adjustment of metering speed and time
  • Relay mode for extrusion applications
  • Keyboard lock function
  • 4-piece 7 segments LED display
  • Keypad operated
  • Motor speed 0.1 – 200 RPM with increments of 0.1 RPM
  • Dosing time 0.1 – 999.9 sec. with increments of 0.1 sec
  • Capacity ranges 0.01 – 1.0 gr/s

MC18-Micro: small dosing unit for injection molding


Features MC18-Micro

As the MC12 but with:

  • Auto Synchronization to extruder speed
  • Integrated with main material hopper loader control
  • Alarm output
  • Optional with hopper loader

Benefits MCMicro

  • Accurate dosing of 0.01 – 1.0 gr/s
  • Ultra small but robust design
  • Color changes are quick and easy
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean
  • Allows to dose the smallest parts without color variation

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