MCWeight Powder

  • Real time actual (kg/h) throughput measurement for powder extrusion lines
  • Fast response to capacity changes
  • Extendable with line-control package
  • Available in 500 or 1,200 kg/h execution
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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MCWeight Powder

The MCWeight P is designed for measuring pourable powders like PVC dry blend. The MCWeight P can also be applied for granular materials or pourable regrinds that contain dust. The construction of the pneumatic knife gate is dust tight. The manchets are dust tight and there are additional dust filters to handle powder.The MCWeight P, like the MCWeight, is designed to measure the actual feed capacity of the extruder, save expensive additives and ensure high quality end product in extrusion production.

The MCWeight P measures the throughput of the main material and provides the exact throughput/output of your extruder within seconds of start up.Combined with up to to six MCBalance dosing systems, the MCWeight tracks the smallest capacity variation of the extruder.The additive dosing from the MCBalance(s) adjusts accordingly. The MCWeight P for powder comes in 500 kg/h and 1,000 kg/h versions.

"In our factory we use both pourable powders, granules and regrind containing dust. The MCWeight P offered the answer at our question how we could measure these materials very accurate.''


  • More control over the production process
  • Prevents overdosing
  • Quick color changes that can be performed during operation without interrupting the production process
  • Robust design and very easy to clean
  • Plug and play

MCWeight Powder