• For granulates, regrinds and free-flowing powders
  • Continuous loss-in-weight measuring
  • Fast response to capacity changes
  • Available in 50, 100, 500 or 1,200 kg/h
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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The MCWeight is specially designed to measure the actual feed capacity of an extruder. It has an integrated weighing module to accurately measure throughput and an integrated knife valve to control the filling. Combined with one or more Movacolor units, the MCWeight tracks even the smallest capacity variation of the extruder. It adjusts the additive dosing from the dosing units accordingly. Dried material with a temperature up to 180°C can be handled with the MCWeight.

This throughputmeasurement system enables you to get the best out of your extrusion line. It gives you real time insight into your actual line capacity and tracks the consumption of your materials. In combination with our MCLine Control it can even control yourcomplete extrusion line including upstream and downstream equipment.

“The MCWeight made our extrusion process much more stable, which saved raw material, but also expensive additives such as dye and catalyst. But more importantly,we reduced our scrap by more than 70%.”


  • Plug and play
    The MCWeight can be connected to up to 14 Movacolor dosing units. No interface control with the extruder is required. Per co-extruder you can install an MCWeight that allows the controlling of multiple MCWeight units with one control interface.
  • Quality control
    Quality is controlled by continually monitoring data from both the MCWeight and the dosing units. The MCSmart program gives you this maximum control. With the MCLine Control you can even fully control the extrusion line. Basis for full control ofyour extrusion line
  • Basis for full control of your extrusion line
    The MCWeight is the perfect basis for MCContinuous Blender or for your MCLine Control system.

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