• Easy to clean
  • Different loader types can be mounted
  • Easy to install on Movacolor products
  • High precision weight monitoring (+/-1%)
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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The MCNumera is developed to measure the consumption of the main material. The MCNumera can be fitted with many different types of hopper loaders. On the top plate of the MCNumera, an adapter plate can be mounted to fit loaders with an outletdiameter up to 280 mm. The different tube holders make it possible to connect any kind of material tube.

Indication lights on four sides of the MCNumera make it possible to easily check the status of the machine from 360 degrees around.* Themodularity of the Movacolor system makes it easy to integrate the MCNumera in existing setups of Movacolor. Together with the Movacolor Touch Controller the main material consumption can be monitored.

*not availabe for high temperatureversion


  • Easy to install
    The MCNumera is easy to install on Movacolor products and many different loader types can be mounted.
  • Quality control
    Two load cells constantly measure the weight and determine the main material consumption, this process can be monitored with the Movacolor touch screen controller (MCTC) and MCSmart.
  • Optional
    - Different tube holders
    - Custom made adapters for Movacolor and non-Movacolor hopper loaders
    - High temperature version

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