MCHybrid 200

  • 8'' full color touch screen with user-friendly interface
  • 2-8 main components and max. 14 inline additives
  • Option of weighing mixing bin (real time throughput measurement)
  • Standard able to handle 120 °C material
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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MCHybrid 200

The MCHybrid 200 is a very robust and reliable batch blender, specially developed to handle a wide variety of materials and low bulk density regrinds. The MCHybrid 200 has a modular design and can be equipped with 2 to 8 components. The robuststainless steel hoppers with drain allow 100% draining of the hoppers. Small components can be dosed accurately with our unique valve design up to accuracies of 0.02%.

The mixing chamber is equipped with a load cell, eliminating the necessityfor using a level sensor. With the weighing mixing chamber extruder throughputs can be measured. The MCHybrid 200 is standard able to handle materials up to 120 øC. A special high temperature version, able to handle material up to 180 øC isavailable.

In case you want more accuracy, flexibility or looking for a compact design you can also choose to combine the MCHybrid 200 with our gravimetric inline dosing units, making it a unique hybrid blender.


Features batch blender

  • Accuracy up to 0.02%
  • Capacity weighing bin 6 liters
  • High efficiency mixer
  • Stainless steel hoppers 43 - 90 liters
  • Specially designed to handle low bulk density regrinds
  • Easy to clean

Combining batch blending and inline dosing
The MCHybrid 200 batch blender can be combined with inline dosing to the unique hybrid concept, truly offering the best of two worlds!

MCHybrid 200