Powder dosing

Dosing powders is a very specialized business. Movacolor has incorporated the experiences of powder manufacturers and plastic producers worldwide into our product development process, with great success. With the Movacolor dosing equipment for powder, plastic producers can save up to fifty percent on expensive powder additives.

Highly accurate dosing systems for dosing and metering plastic powder


Dosing non free flowing powders

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MCPowder: trouble free dosing of non free flowing powders

MCPowder high output

Dosing of heavy duty powders

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MCPowder High Output: trouble free dosing of heavy duty powders

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The complete Movacolor product range

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The complete Movacolor product range

Gravimetric or volumetric dosing unit for powder

Powder can be dosed with both gravimetric or volumetric dosing machines. Closed loop gravimetric control offers the maximum efficiency and savings.

The single auger or double auger dosing system is driven by a stepper motor which ensures a steady flow of dosing powder into the main material, including continuous excitation in the hopper.

The volumetric dosing units need manual calibration except for the MC30 which has an automatic calibration function. The gravimetric units will do this calibration automatically. All units have a modular design which allows all possible combinations and modifications.

Forced feeding extruders and starve feeding extruders

Movacolor has developed a special color dosing unit for PVC pipe or profile producers who are using forced feeding by crammer feeder. Furthermore, we have developed volumetric and gravimetric dosing units for those applications where the extruder is under fed. Capacities of these dosing units go up to 1,000 kg/h.

Multi-component powder dosing machine for dosing up to six additives

Plastic producers in extrusion and injection molding who use multiple powders or a mixture of powders, granulates and liquids at the same time can opt for a multi-component Movacolor dosing system. One system can dose up to six (different) additives full fed or starve fed on the extruder, allowing the producer to optimize the recipe of the extruder feed and eliminating pre-blending requirements.

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