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Das Dosieren von Pulvern in Spritzguss- oder Extrusion Anwendungen ist ein sehr spezialisiertes Geschäft. Wir haben die Erfahrungen von Pulver Herstellern und Kunststoffproduzenten weltweit erfolgreich in den Produktentwicklungsprozess unserer Pulverdosiergeräte einfließen lassen. Mit Movacolor-Pulverdosiergeräten können Kunststoffhersteller bis zu 50 % der teuren Pulver Additive einsparen.

Powder dosing system with a modular design

All dosing products of Movacolor are based on the Movacolor modular dosing concept. This allows all kinds of combinations and modifications on your dosing system to meet the specific needs in your injection molding or extrusion application. This is interesting for plastic producers who use multiple powders or a mixture of powders, granulates and liquids at the same time. They can opt for a multi-component Movacolor dosing system. One multi-component dosing system can dose up to six different additives, allowing to optimize the recipe of the feed and eliminating pre-blending requirements.

Movacolor’s worldwide distributor network

Movacolor has a worldwide network of more than 70 distributors. Our distributors are experts in all facets of dosing and blending technology and offer local service, training and advice on Movacolor products.

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