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Gravimetric feeders for maximum control

A volumetric feeder offers control, a gravimetric feeder provides maximum control for injection molding and extrusion. The actual measurement of loss-in-weight ensures optimal control over the production process. It means savings on colorants, higher efficiency, more stability and a sustainable solution in coloring with masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquid.

What are the main advantages of a gravimetric feeder?

Gravimetric feeders, also known as loss-in-weight feeders, give full control over a plastics production process. This is key for plastics producers all over the world. A gravimetric feeder offers you control in terms of:

  • Cost reduction
    Investing in a gravimetric feeder of Movacolor offers you an immediate cost reduction by saving on expensive addivitives . You can have a return on investment within 6 months.
  • Material savings
    Plastic producing companies can save up to 50% on colorants. Using a gravimetric feeder of Movacolor reduces faults and waste.
  • Stability
    The controls of the gravimetric feeder in combination with the dosing cylinder and the stepper motor ensure a stable process. This means less downtime and less waste.
  • Functionality
    A gravimetric feeder of Movacolor is easy to work with. Colorants can be changed in about 60 seconds (watch the video below to see for yourself).
  • Design
    The gravimetric feeders of Movacolor are robust and easy to clean. They can be easily upgraded as a result of the modular design. Up to 6 gravimetric feeders can be equipped for dosing different additives.
  • Online monitoring
    With the MCSmart software of Movacolor you create traceability within your production process and can communicate with all Movacolor gravimetric dosing systems for data logging, quality control, tracing errors and process control.
  • Sustainability
    A gravimetric feeder of Movacolor makes the reuse of regrind possible. In some cases even up to 75% with hard to handle non-repelletized regrind like PET bottle flakes. This results in less waste has a positive environmental effect.

Gravimetric feeder dosing small to high amounts of additives

Whether your extrusion, injection molding or blow molding production process requires a precisely dosed small output or a high output, a gravimetric feeder of Movacolor always offers the best and most highly accurate solution. A gravimetric feeder is also known as a loss-in-weight feeder. Through the continues measurement of loss-in-weight your are able to reduce the external factors that can influence the end product.

Which gravimetric feeder of Movacolor offers the best solution for your injection molding, blow molding or extrusion application depends on your production process. The advantage of the modular Movacolor gravimetric dosing technology is that you can easily adjust or upgrade the system to meet the specifications of your specific production process.

Gravimetric additive feeders based on patented dosing technology

All Movacolor gravimetric additive feeders are based on the proven and patented gravimetric dosing technology of the MDS 6 Balance. This in-line, loss-in-weight, high precision dosing system is based on many years of experience in a wide variety of production types in the international plastics industry.