Stability in coloring with a dosage machine for gravimetric liquid dosing

Movacolor stands for the accurate dosing of liquid colorants in injection molding or extrusion. Our engineers developed a gravimetric liquid dosing system which proves that an efficient way of coloring with liquid colorants has a positive effect on a stable production process and produces the highest quality product. The result: high savings on liquid colorants and a superior end product.

LiquidWhy plastic processors choose this type of liquid dosing system

One of the reasons plastic producers choose the MCLiquid is the automatic calibration function. The continuous loss-in-weight measurement automatically compensates for variations in viscosity or process changes. The liquid dosing system is ideal for aggressive fluids.

Robust design for quality and safety

The design is robust and eliminates the risk of contamination of the fluid and pump. There are no valves, seals or glands involved. There is an automatic check valve function which prevents backflow of liquid additive. The transport trolley makes sure the liquid colorant is transported safely through the factory.

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