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Injection molding with volumetric and gravimetric dosing equipment

Volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems are essential in injection molding. The injection molding manufacturing process produces parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. Because of the high manufacturing costs of the molds, injection molding is primarily used in mass production where thousands of parts are being produced.

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High quality dosing equipment for injection molding 

All those thousands of parts produced by the injection molding machine need one standard: the highest quality. A dosing unit is therefore an essential part of coloring main material by dosing colorants as masterbatch, regrind and liquids into the main material.

Injection molding with accurate dosing systems

The most accurate dosing technique for dosing masterbatch, powders and regrinds in injection molding is based on the use of the dosing cylinder. A gravimetric or volumetric dosing unit which is equipped with a dosing cylinder doses extremely accurate. The dosing cylinder releases the additive in a steady flow directly in the main material.

The stepper motor ensures maximum control without stoppages or pulses. The dosing method based on a dosing cylinder ensures therefore far more accurate dosing than other dosing techniques based on blending, using a screw, disc or feeding belt especially in modern injection molding machines with extreme short production cycles.

Dosing equipment for quick and easy color change for injection molding

Every minute the injection molding machine stands still costs valuable money. Movacolor designs dosing units in a way that colorants can be changed in less than a minute. All the volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems are robust and easy to clean. The dosing units designed for the injection molding industry are easy to operate. It is designed in a way every operator in the plastics industry can work with it.

Modular dosing system for injection molding

The modular design allows plastic producers using an injection molding machine to gain a custom-made dosing unit which perfectly fits their specific type of production. It is easily to adjust, extend or to upgrade the dosing unit.


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