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Movacolor pada K 2022

Dengan 3000+ peserta pameran yang terdaftar dan diperkirakan akan dihadiri oleh lebih dari 200.000 pengunjung, pameran ini menjanjikan akan menjadi pertunjukan spektakuler lainnya. Salah satu yang sangat kami nantikan! Apakah Anda?

Although the K show lasts 8 days, we understand that you want to spend your time well and may have to make choices in which booth to visit. Below we present briefly what we show during the K show and why a visit to our booth (Hall 11, H46) should definitely be on your agenda!

Modular dosing solutions

In a time where opportunities and threats follow each other in quick succession, it is essential to be able to be flexible. Our unique modular dosing concept helps you do just that. No matter what your (new) situation is, with our live configurator you have the possibility to put together a dosing solution tailored to your production process.

Beta releases 

During the K 2022, we will introduce two new innovations focused on safety and efficiency during the production process. Stop by our booth to experience these innovations in working order and sign up for the beta testing phase.

Off-line dosing

The off-line dosing option is an addon to an MCBalance configuration (up to 3 components).  It transports dosed material (e.g. masterbatch) from a movable trolley to an additional neckpiece mounted on the material inlet of an injection molding machine or extruder.  

Continuous liquid 

In many cases where liquid addivites are used, issues arise during refilling or exchanging of the additive carrier drum. Machine stops are required and air inclusions in the transport hoses cause coloring issues. The Continuous liquid configurator is equipped with 2 pumps*; one pump for dosing from a buffer container to an neckpiece mounted on the material inlet of an injection molding machine or extruder, the second pump for refilling the buffer container from the storage container.

*Choice between peristaltic pump, mono pump and gear pump

Already curious? Then put a visit to our booth H46 in hall 11 in your agenda. See you there!