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Movacolor is the first choice of plastics producers worldwide that strive for excellence in injection molding and extrusion. Movacolor’s leadership in dosing technology is based on almost thirty years of partnership with plastics producers all over the world. We understand that the most common problems in injection molding and extrusion applications are color and wall thickness variations.

The dosing technology of Movacolor is based on the inline dosing of masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid colorants into virgin material. We combine the unique Movacolor dosing cylinder with a stepper motor to ensure consistent flow resulting in reliable color.

Dosing technology

Plastic manufacturing companies are looking for all kinds of qualities in dosing technology. Some are looking for cost reduction on colorants. Some seek a more stable production process. Others are attempting to increase efficiency or improve quality. All dosing systems of Movacolor have these specific benefits in integrated modular dosing systems for injection molding and extrusion applications.

Dosing systems

Movacolor develops and markets gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing systems and continuous inline blenders for injection molding and extrusion. These dosing systems meet the need for high volume, quality and reliability in the dosing of all kinds of materials, like masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquids for plastic producers all over the world.

Product plan

In our product plan you can find an overview of the complete Movacolor product line. The Movacolor product line consists of gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing systems and the accompanying accessories. By defining your material and following the colored lines, you will find what dosing system is the most suitable for the particular material you would like to dose in your injection molding or extrusion application.

Five years warranty

We as Movacolor are proud on the high quality robust gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing systems we develop and market to plastics producers all over the world on a daily basis. That’s the reason why we offer plastics producers worldwide a standard of five years warranty on non-wear and tears parts of all Movacolor dosing systems.

Worldwide distribution network

Movacolor has a worldwide network of more than 70 distributors, who are broadly experienced in the fields of injection molding and extrusion. Each distributor is specialized in the applications of the Movacolor dosing systems and the dosing requirements of plastics producers. Whether they are using masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid. Our distributors can always count on the expertise of Movacolor’s engineers, even when it comes to designing custom solutions for plastics producers with unusual or even unique requirements.

Job opportunities

Are you looking for an interesting job within a fun and progressive international company? Then come and work at Movacolor in Sneek! With a young and enthusiastic team, we develop and market dosing systems for the plastics industry.  Find out more about our current career opportunities.