• Accurate dosing through dosing cylinder
  • Stepper motor speed starting from 0.1 up to 200 rpm
  • Capacity 0.07-180 kg/h measured with normal granular masterbatch 0.8 kg/dm3
  • Manual adjustment of metering speed and time. The unit also works in relay mode for extrusion applications
  • Automatic synchronization to extruder speed, an integrated hopper loader control and an alarm output

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The MC18 is together with the MC12 and MC30 our showpiece in volumetric dosing. These dosing units have proved their value since Movacolor started. The units are installed in factories all over the world and can operate under almost any conditions.

Depending onthe material, the unit can be tailor-made for dosing free-flowing powders, regrinds or normal granulates. The units add additive on the basis of volume. The MC18 unit is controlled by rpm setting. The Movacolor dosing cylinder in combination withthe stepper motor ensures maximum control with no stoppages or pulsations. The MC18 can be equipped with an automatic hopper loader for automatically filling the stainless steel hopper.

"Since we use a MC18 dosing system we save up to50% on colorants."


  • Easy to operate
  • Most accurate dosing technique for dosing masterbatch, powder and regrind
  • Maximum control without stoppages or pulses
  • Quick and easy change of colorants
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • Easy to adjust or to upgrade the dosing unit

MC18 Synchronic