Compressed air hopper loaders

Features ME hopper loader
  • Suitable to convey granules (relatively dust free)
  • Maximum capacity 40 to 125 kg/h
  • With cyclone hopper lid and filter, solenoid valve, 3m transport hose and Asens level sensor
Features MV hopper loader
  • For free flowing powders with bulk density > 1kg/l. and / or granules
  • Maximum capacity from 50 to 100 kg/h. (mat dep.)
  • The unit comes complete with hopper lid, vacuum chamber with filter, compressed air solenoid valve and 3 m. 16 mm. transport hose with stainless steel suction pipe and Asens level sensor

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Compressed air hopper loaders

Compressed air ME and MV hopper loaders of Movacolor to convey granules and free flowing powders.

ME hopper loader: for masterbatch and regrind

Movacolor Ejector (ME) compressed air hopper loader for granules can be fitted directly on to the 6 and 12 liter material hoppers. Maximum capacity 40 to 125 kg/h (material depending). Complete with hopper lid, dust filter, solenoid valve,material hose, Asens level sensor and suction probe.

With the automatic hopper loader for masterbatch and regrind, the hopper will automatically be filled. This is an advantage because the gravimetric or volumetric dosing unit can never runout of masterbatch and/or regrind.

The ME automatic filling system blows the material from the bag, drum or container into the hopper of the dosing system. The hopper lid of the housing has a simple and easy-to-clean dust filter to keep anydust particles in the hopper. The ME hopper loader is controlled by the electronics of the dosing unit.

MV hopper Loader: for granules and free-flowing powder

Movacolor Vacuum (MV) hopper loader for free-flowing powders and/or granules. Complete with hopper lid, vacuum chamber with filter, compressed air solenoid valve, material hose, Asens level sensor and suction probe.

The MV automatic hopper loader for free flowing powder and granules uses a three stage vacuum generator which is driven by compressed air to create a vacuum that brings material into a chamber. Once the chamber is filled with material the conewill open and the material will be discharged into the hopper.

The system is equipped with a superior filter to ensure that the finest particles (> 5 micron) stay in the system and aren’t released into the atmosphere. This makes the MV hopperloader the most practical and user friendly system for both powders and granules.


Benefits ME hopper loader
  • Fully integrated with dosing units
  • Compact building size
  • Price competitive
  • No moving parts

Benefits MV hopper loader
  • Robust vacuum hopper loader
  • Compact
  • Fully integrated with dosing unit
  • Good filtering

Compressed air hopper loader