MCPowder High Output

  • Single spiral design for reliable dosing of heavy duty powders
  • Agitator avoiding material clogging or rat holing
  • High grade polished hopper
  • Two heavy duty load cells
  • Industry 4.0 ready

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MCPowder High Output

Dosing powder is one of the most difficult challenges in the field of dosing. For your process stability and quality control an accurate and reliable powder dosing unit is often essential. And this under all circumstances.

Movacolor has, based on its proven gravimetric technology, developed a heavy duty powder dosing unit capable to dose maximum 450 kg/h of non-free flowing powder. The design is based on a single spiral and agitator, driven by a heavy duty 3 phasemotor. The hopper can be increased in a modular way from 25 to 50 liters.

The unit is installed on two heavy duty load cells. Operation is done via our standard 8 inch full color touch screen. The unit operates as a single unit, but can alsobe integrated into our unique modular continuous blending system, allowing to add the most difficult powders to the blend of your extruder.


  • Acurate and robust
    The spiral design, in combination with the 3 phase motor control and the Movacolor patented gravimetric technology creates extreme accuracy and reliability. The unit is made to last in the most troublesome environments.
  • User-friendly
    Our 8 inch' full color touch screen display with integrated hopper loader control ensures easy operation. The MCSmart software allows 100% traceability ofthe dosed additives.
  • Modular
    The MCPowder High Output can be integrated in Movacolor's unique continuous blending systems.

MCPowder High Output